10 Tips To Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh

Shoes are undoubtedly essential for everyone. Whether you are wearing them for work, study or leisure, you still need them. But at the same time, your shoes can start to linger with smell due to bacteria, sweat and whatnot. Here are 10 Tips To Keep Your Shoes Smelling Fresh.

1) Apply A Foot Powder/Spray

Foot powders or sprays are convenient and can be easily bought from most pharmacies and sports outlets. Simply apply them to your feet prior to putting on your shoes or slippers. But if you want to save money or are looking for a natural alternative, here’s a handy tip from Art of Manliness. All you have to do is add 1/2 cup water and white vinegar as well as 5 drops of tea tree oil. Combine them all together in a small spray bottle and you’re basically good to go.

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2) Try The Baking Soda Method

This otherwise common item isn’t just for baked goods (read: leavening agent). You can also make use of them to keep your shoes smelling fresh. Simply sprinkle some in the shoes and leave it at least overnight. Come next morning, discard the powder before wearing them. Here’s how it works: baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, the vital ingredient that helps to neutralise the acid pH and eliminates odour-causing bacteria.

Alternatively, if you find dusting baking soda directly into your shoes sounds like a messy job, try this instead. Put some of the powder in old or unused socks and tie them up. Then, place each of the baking soda-filled socks into the shoes and let it sit overnight as usual. A word of warning, though: baking soda can dry out your shoe materials made from leather or suede if utilised on a regular basis.

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3) Do Not Wear The Same Shoes Everyday

Here’s why: Imagine wearing the same shoes all day from morning till night and you repeat it every single day. Doing so causes your footwear to have little chance to completely dry out, which can lead to odour. If possible, try to rotate with different footwear everyday so all your shoes have a chance to breathe and be dry.

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4) Make Use Of The Sunlight

Give your shoes a chance to air out — that means don’t leave them in a shoe rack/cupboard. Place them under the sunlight during the morning or afternoon since its UV rays are capable of eliminating bacteria. Just be careful not to leave leather or suede shoes under the hot sun for too long since doing so might shorten its lifespan.

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5) Freeze Your Shoes Overnight

Apparently, your home freezer isn’t just for storing frozen meat, pre-packaged foods and ice cream. You can also place your smelly shoes in it, if you don’t mind doing so. Of course, that doesn’t mean you place them directly into the freezer. Place them in a plastic/sealable/resealable bag beforehand and leave the shoes in the freezer overnight. The freezing can help eliminate the bacteria that is in, on and all around your shoes.

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6) Use Black Teabags

Here’s a simple remedy you can use to get rid of your shoe’s odour: steep the teabag in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes. Then, remove the teabag and allow it to cool for a while before placing it in your shoe. Let it sit for around an hour or so and discard the teabag once you’re done. Apparently, black teabags contain tannins — a vital substance that can kill off the bacteria found in your shoes.

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7) Your Shoes Need A Deep Cleaning

By deep cleaning, we mean using the washing machine. It particularly works for shoes and sneakers made from fabric, nylon and canvas (if your shoes have laces, untangle them to avoid getting stuck during the spinning cycle). Simply slip them into a mesh bag and set your washing machine on a gentle cycle. Air dry them in the sun.

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8) Use Cat Litter

Okay, this might sound like an unconventional method. Even your cat may give you a bewildered look. But here’s why you can consider using cat litter for your smelly shoes. It turns out that cat litter contains deodorising properties that help absorb the moisture in your shoes. Simply fill your shoes with cat litter and leave it overnight before discarding it the following morning. Alternatively, place the cat litter in old/unused socks or stockings and tie them with strings or rubber bands. Do the same thing by placing them in the shoes overnight.

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9) Apply Baby Powder

One of the main reasons why your shoes start to develop some funky smell? Two words: damp feet. To prevent this, just dust baby powder liberally on your feet before putting on your shoes. You can also use talcum powder as well. Either way, these powders help to absorb moisture and sweat.

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10) Always Wash Your Feet

This may sound too obvious but it’s worth mentioning anyway. The thing is, your shoes do not automatically generate odour on its own. It all starts with your smelly feet. And that’s why you need to maintain proper foot care every single day. Which means making a habit of washing your feet (e.g. soles, ankles, between the toes) thoroughly while you are in the shower.

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