Hannah Yeoh Is Outraged At The Bias Treatment Working Mothers Get

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In a recent Facebook post, YB Hannah Yeoh expressed her frustration at the treatment that working mothers receive. Her post first addresses YB Yeo Bee Yin who is serving as our MESTECC. She is currently in her final trimester of pregnancy and is expected to deliver soon. However, in a recent interview she was asked questions that showcase the bias attitude towards working mothers.

YB Hannah Yeoh Talks About Working Mothers

During the interview, she was asked questions such as “What’s going to happen to Lynas when you give birth in March? Are you going to be working on it or are you going to take your 90 days leave?”

YB Hannah Yeoh
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Furthermore, YB Hannah Yeoh writes “Instead of celebrating and rejoicing that this nation can finally tap into this brilliant young woman’s talent in the Cabinet – the media chooses to highlight about her absence during her upcoming maternity leave.”

The implication behind these questions is that a woman must choose between being a Mother and working. In addition, the idea is that women who take maternity leave are unreliable. This is because they are out of the office for a long period of time.

YB Yeo Bee Yin
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However, we should put an end to this belief that women must choose between the two options. A woman should be empowered to work while being a Mother if she chooses to do so. There are a few ways that companies can help women during this period of motherhood.

In her post, YB Hannah Yeoh also talks about the work that can be done to enable women. These include flexible working hours, working from home, and parental leave policies.

Empowering Working Mothers

Flexible working hours will help mothers with any unexpected issues. Sometimes children suddenly fall sick or have an activity that requires a parent. Enabling mothers to work flexibly allows them to work productively and also be there for their children.

Working from home
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Next, working from home is also a great way to help mothers who may need to stay at home. Not all work requires a person to be in the office so long as they have what they need. Mothers can finish their work from home while taking care of the children.

Lastly, providing mothers with a nursery at the office is also a good initiative. Mothers will be able to bring their children to work and have them nearby. This also enables them to check in on their children and feel secure. Knowing that their children are nearby and in safe hands allows them to focus better.

Removing the Bias

As society progresses and we become more aware of different issues, it is important to keep building each other up. There is no need for any negativity and instead we should be helping working women to achieve their dreams.

In fact, YB Hannah Yeoh has received many comments on her post that show Malaysians are in support of moving forward.

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This woman shares her very own experience while talking about her dreams for her career. She also hopes that the next generation of girls will not have to face such challenges.

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Image credit: facebook.com

It is not fair to expect a woman to choose between being a mother and working. While some mothers may choose to be a full time mom, we should remove any barriers for those who still wish to work.