Didn’t Think Socks Could Look This Cool? Here Are 9 Local Brands Proving You Wrong

Image Credit: Good Pair Socks & Tale Socks

You normally would not usually think too much about socks. They are more of an afterthought, something you have to wear with your shoes or sneakers. However, over the past few years, socks have become some sort of a fashion statement and can even be the most important part of your outfit. Just check Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau out – FYI his socks game is on point!

And if you didn’t think socks could look cool, think again. Here are 9 homegrown brands to prove you wrong!

1. Good Pair Socks

Founded by married couple Wong Foong Tyug and Kweok Sin Fui, they took the plunge to start a business together in 2014. With a background in graphic design, the couple is able to come up with creative and fun designs for their socks – they have since released more than 10 collections. Through the brand’s Good Kawan Project where they collaborate with local designers, you can also find socks that are truly unique and Malaysian. I personally love cute socks and I couldn’t resist getting myself a pair from the Bumi collection.

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Image Credit: Good Pair Socks

2. Tale Socks

Fuelled by his own passion for socks and noticing the gap in the market, Ahmad Afiz Danial Mohd Khairuddin decided to take matter into his own hands and launched Tale Socks in 2019. To quote Afiz, “You want to put yourself out there, to be different, so why wear plain socks?” From durians and rambutan to batik patterns and the KL skyline, you will find that their socks come with a Malaysian spin. They were even featured on the promotional photos of Netflix’s The Ghost Bride series where some of the cast were dressed in Malaysian designer wear including Tale Socks.

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3. Tiffy Socks

To Tiffany Ong, socks are an expression of style with the ability to make a bold fashion statement. This encouraged her to set up Tiffy Socks in 2016 – with the purpose of providing socks for people who love cute, quirky, and funky designs. Based in Johor Bharu, Tiffy Socks caters to people who are adventurous, daring and wants to stand out from the crowd. Designs ranges from food-themed socks such as carrots, hamburgers, avocados to designs that were inspired by famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa and The Starry Night.

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Image Credit: Tiffy Socks Facebook

4. Stoned & Co

A local streetwear label that most of the younger Malaysian generation would know and love – Stoned & Co sells a wide variety of apparel that are hip and edgy while maintaining comfort and simplicity. As they do not just focus on footwear, there are not that many choices when it comes to socks in their repertoire. However, the socks that they do have perfectly embodies the loud yet minimalistic style that they aim to create. If you are going for a street style vibe, you can get your socks here.

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Image Credit: stonedandco.com

5. Futuremade Studio

Geared towards functionality and minimalistic designs, Futuremade Studio caters to a more niche market of people who are into workwear. Founded by Tunway (also known as Xiao Pi Hai) who is one of the biggest fashion Youtubers in Malaysia, you can expect to find clothes such as utility vests, cargo pants, and jumpsuits in Futuremade Studio. They also sell socks, and they currently have their FTMD Patchwork Socks collection which looks great on anyone regardless of gender.

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Image Credit: Futuremade Studio Facebook

6. Todak

Bet you didn’t think you would see this name here – after all, they are more well known for their gaming merchandises such as the Todak Alpha Gaming Chair. Established in 2017, Todak Culture is the first division of the Todak brand. With products ranging from casual apparels and streetwear to gaming peripherals and accessories, they are all created to complement their slogan “Breaking The Limit”. If you are looking to buy some basic socks for everyday use, why not #supportlokal and get them from Todak?

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Image Credit: todak.com/store

7. Eglaf ®

According to Urban Dictionary, eglaf is a word that literally has no meaning, and it can be used in place of any word. For the people behind Malaysian streetwear brand Eglaf ®, they hope that this will allow their consumers to define the word by themselves and encourage them to find their own style. With designs that are bold and versatile, you can find oversized tees, jogger pants, caps and of course, socks in their catalogue. You can also shop for their socks and other apparels on Local Lab.

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Image Credit: @Eglaf

8. My House of Socks

You will be spoiled for choice at My House of Socks – with over 1,000 designs to choose from, they are the biggest online socks retailer in Malaysia. You can find all types and designs of socks here at very affordable prices! You will also find designs with local flora such as the orchid and designs that bring back childhood memories such as the pop crackers and Tora. I especially liked the Mahalbro and Mamak socks – humorous puns that we can all definitely relate to!

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Image Credit: My House of Socks Facebook

9. Havan Clothing

A homegrown brand with the mission to empower underprivileged children through sustainable fashion, 10% of their sales go into enhancing and sustaining EQ programs in various shelter homes across Klang Valley. Through these EQ programs where kids are encouraged to express themselves through art, the masterpieces drawn by the children would go into the designs of their apparels. For example, the Soaring Bird design in the socks below is drawn by a 12-year-old boy in one of the shelter homes. When asked to reflect on the tough year that was 2020, this boy drew a bird that wanted to soar high and rise above any challenges. This design was chosen to represent resilience and strength in hopes to give the adults something to learn from.

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Image Credit: havanclothing.com

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