Boyan Slat’s Invention is Cleaning the Klang River One Bit At A Time

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Unfortunately there have been a lot of issues related to pollution and irresponsible disposal of trash. Our rivers are so dirty and full of trash that when Japan had floods of clear water we were all shook. Well thanks to Boyan Slat’s invention, our Klang River is finally getting the detox it deserves.

Boyan Slat’s Company and Invention

Boyan Slat's interceptor
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So who is Boyan Slat? He is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who was also a former aerospace engineering student.

He founded his company, The Ocean Cleanup, back in 2013 at just 19 years old. That’s so impressive! He is now the CEO of his company which focuses on cleaning up oceans and rivers.

The Interceptor
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One of his inventions is the Interceptor which runs along polluted rivers to catch trash before it reaches the ocean. Unfortunately, our Klang River has been identified as one of the 50 most polluting rivers.

The Interceptor in the Klang River
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Which is why the Interceptor 002 is now floating along and scooping up whatever trash it detects. So far it’s been reported that the Interceptor has cleaned up handbags, motorcycle helmets, and lots of plastic. This includes plastic bags, bottles, and containers.

There are four Interceptors that will work amongst the most polluted rivers in the world. In fact, Interceptor 001 has already been at work since 2016. It runs along the rivers in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Future Plans

Boyan Slat's interceptor
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Meanwhile, one of the other two Interceptors will be installed in the Mekong River in Vietnam. The other one is meant for the rivers in Santo Domingo which is the Capital of the Dominican Republic.

Moving on, according to The Ocean Cleanup, just 1% of the worlds rivers are big contributors to trash. Out of 100,000 rivers, 1,000 rivers make up for about 80% of the trash entering our oceans.

trash in the river
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Thankfully, Boyan Slat’s Interceptors are working hard to collect whatever trash is found in the rivers. However, we should still work hard on preventing our rubbish from even reaching the river.

As a society we must learn to dispose of our trash responsibly and encourage alternatives. Reducing, reusing, and recycling should be our mantra as we move forward. We cannot rely on just a small handful of companies like Boyan Slat’s The Ocean Cleanup.