Top 10 Places for Burgers in Singapore

Top 10 Places for Burgers in Singapore
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For some, there’s nothing quite as pleasurable as taking a bite out of a juicy burger. These aren’t your typical fast food burgers either. Each store on this list serves up their own version of the best burger, and it’s up to you to decide which suits your fancy. Burger fans, try one or try all ten. We won’t judge if you visit all ten places for Burgers in Singapore either.

1) Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk

Three Buns is located within Potato Head Folk on Keong Saik Road, and they are known for their dynamic burgers. Burgers are often paired with milkshakes and sodas in the classic American style, but here you get yours with cocktails for an added twist. They’ve got quite a selection of burgers, and promise to use the finest quality of meat. | FB: PotatoHeadSingapore | IG: @potatoheadsg

2) Burger Buddies

Burger Buddies

Want the wholesome goodness of a homemade burger without having to venture into your own kitchen? Then venture to Burger Buddies at Essen @ The Pinnacle. Here you will find classic burgers as well as unique options. Lovers of fusion meals should try the Satay Burger, which is a patty topped with peanut sauce, onions and cucumber. If that’s too adventurous, you can’t go wrong with a Cheese Burger!

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3) The Burger Bar

The Burger Bar

The Burger Bar (TBB) recognizes that when it comes to burgers, some people just need to have it done their way. So if you’ve got the creativity and patience, put your skills to good use and Build Your Own Burger. Just choose from a selection of buns, patties, toppings, sauces, sides and drinks and you will be on your way to your perfect meal. They currently have four outlets in Singapore. | FB: theburgerbarsg | IG: @tbbsg

4) Burger Joint Singapore

Burger Joint Singapore

Poke around Amoy Street and you will find this place tucked away there. As advised, use the entrance at the back on Gemmill Lane. Don’t make any diet plans either because with a menu as rich and decadent as theirs, diets are irrelevant. Go all out with a double bacon cheeseburger, if you dare. Then wash it down with one of their milkshakes or floats. | FB: burgerjointsingapore | IG: @burgerjointsg

5) Fatboy’s Burger Bar

Fatboy's Burger Bar

Take your burger experience to the next level at Fatboy’s, where customizable burgers are encouraged. They also have many other specially created options, and some yummy comfort food choices too. This restaurant is located at Upper Thompson Road, and is family friendly. You can eat in or even have your burgers delivered, just follow them on Facebook to find out how. | FB: FatboysUpperThomson | IG: @fatboyssg

6) Omakase Burger

Omakase Burger

Omakase is a Japanese concept that literally means the meal is at the chef’s discretion. You will be served with quality food, and at Omakase Burger it’s the freshest beef that’s used for the burgers – blended in-house. They have also taken care to ensure the bun is able to sandwich the meat perfectly, with their artisanal buns. Then there’s their secret Omakase sauce that is said to be sweet, spicy and tangy. Find them at Picnic, Wisma Atria. | FB: OmakaseBurger

7) Overeasy


If you’ve watched 1950s American movies and marvelled at the classic style of diners there, you can go back in time at Overeasy. They have two branches, one at Orchard Road, and another at Fullerton Road. And what’s an American diner without a juicy burger? Or in their own words – a “bangin’ burger”. Whether you like yours meaty or vegetarian, there is one for you at Overeasy. | FB: OverEasySG | IG: @shakeembuns

8) BERGS – Gourmet Burgers

BERGS - Gourmet Burgers

The founders of BERGS have put their travel experiences to good use, incorporating ideas developed during their journeys into the burgers at this restaurant. That means there’s influences from just about anywhere, from Asian to Australian style meals. Don’t even think about sharing – you won’t want to. You can opt to pair your burgers with wine and beer, for a perfectly grown-up burger meal. | FB: BergsBurgers | IG: @bergsgourmetburgers

9) Ewf by Everythingwithfries

Ewf by Everythingwithfries

Local fast food at its best, that’s Ewf. They’ve got burgers you won’t find elsewhere – like their Har Jeong Kai burger, which has decidedly Asian flavours. Nothing you get there is processed, they assure all products are made from scratch. Pair up your burger with their selection of fries and you’ll be good to go. If you need something sweet, they also have desserts.

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10) Working Title – Burger Bar

Working Title - Burger Bar

These Halal burgers are a great option for crowds who cannot partake in porky adventures, so bring your friends for a visit. The Burger Bar is located at Arab Street, and specialize on gourmet burgers and smoothies. They have over 15 burgers on their menu, so you will be spoilt for choice. With such a cosy atmosphere and delicious comfort food, we won’t blame you if you never want to leave. | FB: workingtitlesg | IG: @workingtitlesg

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