Top 10 Wedding Stationery Makers in Klang Valley

Top 10 Wedding Stationery Makers in Klang Valley
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A wedding is considered to be one of the most significant events in a person’s life and it is important to get everything right when it comes to the wedding preparations. Wedding invitation is the first step towards ensuring everything about the wedding is perfect. Though there are many wedding stationery makers to choose from, it’s about finding the right one for your wedding, which brings us to presenting to you the Top 10 Wedding Stationery Makers in Klang Valley.

1) Thistle Cards


Thistle cards is a popular wedding stationery maker in Klang Valley which offers a quality range of wedding stationery and services that tailor to the preference of customers. Thistle cards want their wedding stationery to look chic at the same time to be something that the bride and groom can relate to. Given its understanding about clients, it is no wonder why it has been voted the number 1 wedding stationery maker in Klang Valley. | FB: thistlecards


2) Card+Co Design


Card + Co specialises in making all kinds of wedding cards with the bridesmaids cards being one of them. Card + Co goes to the extent of making wedding e-invite for their customers basing on their idea and concept. Besides stationery, Card + Co also provides fancy cookies to go along with if you would like to make your wedding invitation sweeter and fancier.

FB: cardncokl | IG: @cardnco


3) Jid Ink Designs


Jid Ink Designs specialises in producing both wedding stationery and personal stationery that not only look good but feel good. If conceptualizing is something difficult for you, there is a range of designs you can choose from Jid Ink Designs’ existing portfolio for your easy reference. Aside from wedding cards, Jid Ink Designs also makes invitation cards for other types of celebrations of yours.

IG: @jidinkdesigns


4) Gizby Cards


Gizby Cards knows that choosing wedding stationery can be frustrating; a complication you could really do without when you have a multitude of other things to deal with. This is where Gizby Cards comes in. Gizby Cards specialises in invitation cards and offers a range of printing solutions which suit variety of budget without comprising on design integrity. Gizby Cards also create invitation cards for other events such as birthday parties, corporate event, baby shower & etc.

FB: gizbycards | IG: @gizbycards


5) Paperose Wedding


Chic, modern and bold, Paperose Wedding is for customers who are looking for elegant wedding stationery with a fresh contemporary twist. Here to excite your guests, Paperose Wedding offers a myriad of finishing touches including motifs, typefaces, foil-stamped, embossed, laser cut, hard cover, laces, diamante buckles & ribbons, making its stationery suite distinctive, elegant & stylish. Paperose Wedding also offers photo booth service for all kinds of events. | FB: paperose.weddingstationery | IG: @paperose.weddingstationery


6) Crafty Farms Handmade


Crafty Farms Handmade is an elaborated wedding stationery maker that makes sure your cards are all individually crafted with care and detail. Offering various types of options, Crafty Farms Handmade believes beautifully designed card is an important element to creating a lasting impression in your guests. And Crafty Farms Handmade hopes to help you achieve that with reasonable pricing. | FB: CraftyFarmsHandmade | IG: @craftyfarmswedding


7) KadKahwinMu


KadKahwinMu is a wedding stationery maker that aims to produce meaningful and awesome card design for you. In order to make sure an unique and easy experience for its customers, KadKahwinMu uses a simple proof procedure. All you need to do is to send them the text to be written on the invitations, and their highly experienced designers will get back to you with their proposals. | FB: Kadkahwinmu | IG: @kadkahwinmu


8) The Alphabet Press


The Alphabet Press is no stranger to many. Known for its bespoke letterpress services, The Alphabet Press has distinct passion in providing you with premium wedding stationery too. Leveraging on their experienced craftsmanship in letterpress, the team at The Alphabet Press aims to create intricately unique letterpress work that pushed the proverbial envelope. Their services encompass idea generation, design, printing and distribution. | FB: TheAlphabetPress | IG: @thealphabetpress


9) Eliffant Studio


Eliffant Studio, a whimsical wedding stationery outlet, was created by a group of friends who are inspired by all things beautiful in life. Driven by passion in art, typography and cute things, they envisage to create something wonderful for every bride and groom out there. Always fascinated in doing things a little bit different, uniqueness is what sets them apart as they play around with traditional and ultra modern elements alongwith personalised touch. | FB: eliffantstudio | IG: @eliffantstudio


10) Nigina Art


Nigina Art is said to be the perfect wedding stationery maker for those of you who are looking to have your ideas and individual aesthetic reflected on a high quality piece of card. If you do not have an idea, Nigina Art makes sure you have a range of designs to choose from while assuring that there’s something tailored to suit your budget. Nigina Art is around to make sure everyone’s wedding card looks like a dream.

FB: Nigina Art | IG:

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