Tealive Is Here To Fix Your Cravings With Their DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit

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One obstacle of the Movement Control Order is that we cannot just simply leave the house to satisfy our cravings. You want BurgerKing? Cannot! You want KFC? Cannot! You want mamak? Also cannot! Sure you could get food delivery but by the time it reaches your house it isn’t the same. Well Tealive is here to fix that problem with the introduction of their new DIY bubble milk tea kits!

Foodpanda riders
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Firstly, I would like to thank all those who are working hard and tirelessly to deliver food to us. Your hard work is commendable and many of us greatly benefit from what you do so thank you very much!

For those who are stuck at home, while delivery is a good option another one is to try and do it yourself (DIY). In fact, many Malaysians are posting up videos or photos of their latest creations in the kitchen. That Dalgona coffee really had everyone trying it out!

However, there are just some dishes or beverages that aren’t the same because you just don’t have the right ingredients. You can buy your own pearls, make your own brown sugar, and brew your own tea. But will it hit the spot like Tealive does?

Tealive DIY Bubble Milk Tea Kit
Image credit: instagram.com

Which is why the brand is introducing a DIY bubble milk tea kit for all those craving the drink at home. Each kit comes with 1KG of tapioca pearls, 3 cartons of MilkLab milk, 20 wide straws, 500g brown sugar, imported Nishio Match, and imported Hojicha.

With one kit you can make a total of 20 cups of either Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee Espresso or the Bang Bang Brown Sugar Matcha Latte. And yes the kit does in face come with the recipes for both drinks.

Each kit is priced at RM150 which comes up to about RM7.50 per cup provided you do make 20 cups. To make an order, you can reach out to Bryan Loo on Instagram for now. They are currently trying to set up an online portal where you can make your order. Delivery takes about 48 hours in the Klang Valley area while the rest of Peninsular could take up to 7 days.