10 Reasons Why Kanye West Makes Us Laugh

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Kanye West started his career as a rapper in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2009 that Kanye really became famous. Unlike other rappers, Kanye didn’t become famous around the world because of his music. He became famous when he decided to go on stage at the MTV Music Awards in 2009 and give his thoughts on who should have really won the best video award. When he jumped on stage from the audience and took the mic away from the winner’s hands, Kanye became an instant joke for most people around the world and Taylor Swift became the most sympathised person in that year. Here are the reasons on why Kanye West still manages to make us laugh.

1) He has no idea how funny he is

Very rarely does Kanye West praise someone else other than himself, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. Recently after he watched ‘Zoolander 2’, Kanye went on Twitter and praise Will Ferrell in a series of tweets.

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2) When Kanye opens his mouth, the whole world laughs

Everybody wonder how is Kanye West’s team letting him use social media because the things that he says on social media are not normal. His words are so unbelievable that people have asked him to just stop posting his thoughts online.

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3) It’s hard not to laugh when Kanye is around

It’s hard to not laugh when Kanye West makes himself become a joke. He’s such a joke now that people don’t take him seriously anymore. It’s just the way things are that his mere presence makes people laugh. In a way, Kanye West is spreading cheer around the world.

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4) He wanted billionaires to invest in him instead of helping poor people

Earlier this year in a twist of events, Kanye West tweeted that he was in debt and needed people’s help. Everyone thought he was talking of his personal financial situation, but he was actually talking about his clothing line. He went on a rant about how billionaires should help him create art instead of giving their money away to poor people.

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5) He’s the subject of the funniest memes around

When Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Kanye West sleeping with his mouth open on social media, the internet couldn’t resist taking this picture and turning it into countless of funny memes.

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6) He wants to be the president of the USA

At the MTV Awards while on stage receiving an award, Kanye West told the whole world that he has decided to become the president of the United States of America in 2020. As funny as this sounds, Kanye West was no making a joke; he was being serious.

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7) He thinks only he and Beyoncé deserve to win all awards

Kanye West lives in a world where he thinks only he and Beyoncé deserve to win music awards. It doesn’t matter what the audience thinks, what matters is that he thinks the music awards should go to him and Beyoncé. If that doesn’t happen, Kanye will claim that these award shows are racist.

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8) He thinks the whole world is against him

Kanye is one of those people, who think that if you don’t agree with him, it means that you are against him. Since the whole world is laughing at his antics instead of taking him seriously, Kanye thinks that the whole world is against letting an artist grow and share his talent like Bruce Lee did.

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9) He’s always wanted to marry Kim Kardashian

It’s amazing how there are people in this world, who want to marry Kim Kardashian. Funnily enough, Kanye was one of them. He was already stalking the Kardashians before they knew who he was. He used to draw himself in their Christmas card pictures next to her before he even met Kim.

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10) He thinks he’s doing the world a favour by not smiling

Kanye West doesn’t like smiling that much or at least, he’s conscious when he smiles. It’s like he’s naturally smiling and then, he realises he’s smiling and proceed to automatically shut down the smile. Check out his smiling to serious face process.

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