Sink Your Teeth Into These Delectable Pastries at Asanoya Bakery

Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya

In the movies, we hear the delicious crisp and crackle as your teeth go through that flaky croissant and that burst of flavour when the gooey filling explodes in our mouth, tantalising out taste buds and exploring your senses. These scenes are not far from the truth when you are served with a loaf of warm bread or a tray of warm pastries. Doesn’t everyone want to wake up to a house filled with buttery goodness? Your home can smell like a French bakery and you can serve your family and friends with these French-Japanese goods, a combination that marriages extremely well together, Thanks to Asanoya Bakery.

Asanoya Bakery

Boulangerie Asanoya is a Japanese bakery that specialises in artisan bread and pastries. Using only the most premium ingredients, the bakery blends, tried and tested European recipes with the best of Japanese flavours. Boulangerie Asanoya believes in using only the best ingredients for their products and each is patiently handcrafted. Asanoya does not use any preservatives which give the bread a very fresh taste.

Asanoya adds a delightful dimension to the downtown dining scene with an all-day dining menu consisting of beautiful breakfasts, decadent brunches, snacks and even hearty night caps to keep you coming back for more. Enjoy some quiet personal time, or meet up with your closest friends or even clients. Their freshly baked treats using high quality ingredients will never fail to delight.

Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya
Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya

The Asanoya Story

Asanoya’s story begins in the year 1933, where it served as a store catering to foreign embassies and diplomats of various countries. The Karuizawa shop was very well-received and soon grew to be a favourite destination for the noble class. With the increased demand for European-type hard bread, Asanoya began to improve their baking skills, techniques and facilities, thus successfully integrating bread into the diversity of Japanese food culture.

Asanoya was also the first in Japan to install a Spanish-made stone oven, which gave them a huge advantage over their competitors. In addition, a dine-in area was introduced within the shop, making it the first bakery to do so, giving discerning customers the chance to eat bread that was truly freshly made. Asanoya expanded their operations in many other Japanese cities, eventually opening their famous outlet in Tokyo Midtown, which started to create unique bread products for the Roppongi customers.

Today, Asanoya continues to make bread that customers love. Asanoya’s well-kept recipes have remained unchanged over the years, and, together with the hard work of the baking and service teams, from the authentic tasty essence that can be found in every slice of Asanoya bread.

Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya
Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya

The Asanoya Speciality

With reference to the salted egg craze, the team came out with their own recipe and it was well received by all consumers. There were many variations that came with it; Original Salted Egg Croissant, Matcha Salted Egg Croissant, Maple Salted Egg Croissant, Salted Egg Cube, Salted Egg Choux Puff. It was so well-received that even their partners in Japan wanted to try out the recipe in Japan!

Other products include the cheese tarts and it is also very well-received by their consumers. The week that they launched it, it was sold out within 1 hour of sales.  During the salted egg yolk craze, they had such a long queue as they did not expect it to be so well received. They had to have customers wait for at least an hour before the croissants were ready to be served. It is a good problem to have but they will need to have better projections in order to prevent such things from happening again.

Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya
Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya

Leavening & Making The Dough Rise

Asanoya also hosts events at the Queen Street outlet. Regardless whether is it a small scale talk, or a big scale company event, Asanoya will be more than willing to accommodate to your needs and cater to all that is needed for your event. Asanoya plans to continue expanding around Singapore and also to fine tune their recipes in order to improve the quality of their products and to delight our customers. You can find Asanoya bakeries at one of the outlets below:

Wilby Central (Main Outlet)
15 Queen Street
Wilby Central, #01-03
Singapore 188537
Tel: 6703 8703
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm daily

Isetan at Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
Tampines Mall #01-21 (located inside Isetan department store)
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6703 8708
Opening Hours: 10am – 9.30pm (Sun to Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat)

Liang Court
177 River Valley Rd
41 Liang Court, #01-41
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338 9248
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon to Thu), 11am – 11pm (Fri), 10am – 11pm (Sat), 10am – 9.30pm (Sun)

290 Orchard Road
Paragon #B1-K27
Singapore 238859
Tel: 6703 8711
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 9.30am (Sun to Thu), 7.30am – 10.30pm (Fri & Sat)

Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya
Image credit: Boulangerie Asanoya

Unity is strength. With teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. All needs to work hard together to perform well!

— Boulangerie Asanoya

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