Keep Calm and Lift Heavy, Like Linora Low!

Being a well known MIX fm deejay, Linora Low is no stranger to the Malaysian media scene. Her voice perks up and accompanies many locals as they trudge through their daily activities, whether they are on their commutes or at home/work. Besides this, she’s also a fitness icon in her own right, whose workout regimes and recipes pepper her website and social media accounts frequently, inspiring her followers to take up the fitness mantle and be more active. Despite her busy schedule, Linora set aside some time to share with TallyPress her story.

About Linora Low

Linora’s foray into the broadcasting world started through a radio competition, and it has already been five years of radio announcing for her. She also began her emcee gigs around the same time as announcing, which she feels was aided by her experience on radio, as it helped her develop herself into a more charismatic presenter, as both jobs require a lot of improvising.
Today, her name is synonymous with many different projects, as she juggles emceeing, radio announcing and reporting for the ASEAN basketball league and Westports Malaysia Dragons, who just won their first championship this year. And that is not all, she also has her very own clothing label consisting of motivational T-shirts which she founded in 2015 with her siblings, called Metawolf.

Linora’s Fitness Journey

Although she had her plate full with emceeing and announcing, Linora is never one to rest on her laurels. She soon discovered a new passion in the form of fitness. “The fitness lifestyle came around the same time as my radio journey. Around that time I had just come out from a relationship and I lost a lot of weight but the wrong way, because I wasn’t eating. I was at my lightest weight ever during that period but I was a very haggard as I wasn’t fit, at all, my stamina was bad and I wasn’t toned. That was when I said no I gotta fix myself! I decided to get back to the gym, eat healthy with good nutrition. Gradually I could see the difference it made for my body,” Linora tells TallyPress.

Keith Foo engages Linora Low in a friendly arm wrestling match.
Keith Foo engages Linora Low in a friendly arm wrestling match.

In terms of her favourite workouts, Linora shares that weight training is a passion of hers, mixed with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). According to Linora, weight training is a fantastic way to tone the body while also burning fat, and can be even more effective than running on a treadmill. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) conversely, is exactly as the name suggests, a form of cardio done in short but intense bursts that is known to rev up the metabolism in a small amount of time.

Linora’s Idea of Relaxation

Linora shares with us that there are too many things she wants to cheat work wise but going with the moment. Getting rest is a challenge to her because she is a workaholic. “I work as much and as hard as I possibly can cause I’m not getting any younger. But I have to balance it out.” When we asked her about her idea of a relaxation, Linora shared, “At this point my idea of a getaway is to go somewhere where there is sun, the beach and I have a coconut in my hand. I am lazing about not doing a single thing and not worrying about picking up my phone… and not even checking out my social media accounts. Of course my company has got to be my love ones and close friends.”

What’s Ahead?

For her future goals, Linora admits that she has a lot of aspirations in mind, but would love to be the best radio announcer on air, and as a fitness personality, she hopes to be able to inspire people to live their best lives. Among her plans would be to have more health videos, recipes, tutorials and fitness tips on her YouTube channel. And if that’s not all, she would also like to return to acting, as she originally started in theatre and still has the passion to get back to it, and perhaps even direct a movie one day.


With her bubbly personality, and fire engine red hair that she says reflects her fighting spirit, it’s easy to see why this lass has become an inspiration to many young Malaysians. When asked how she maintains such positivity, in her own words, “You can’t change situations and people, you can only change your perspective about things.” Those are certainly words to live by.

One body one life. You have to take care of your body because that is the only one you have and you have full control of how your body feels, looks and works. You know yourself and your body best so treat it like a temple and take care of it.

— Linora Low

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