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Some of us have seen numerous videos of the unbelievable effects and wonders of makeup. In fact, many people rely on tutorials and guides on the internet to equip themselves with incredible makeup skills. However, solely relying on online self-learning is not necessarily the best approach for all. If you require hands on practice to refine a skillset, Makeup Refinery is able to help you with your makeup learning journey.

About Makeup Refinery

Makeup Refinery is a Singapore-based agency that offers a comprehensive range of makeup services. This is in addition to beauty training and workshops suitable for all ages. Regardless whether it is the sophistication/style of an editorial photo shoot, the glamour of a runway fashion show, or the splendor and elegance of a joyous wedding. Makeup Refinery is ready to dazzle, inspire, and do its part to make each event a memorable success.

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Services Provided

While trusted and respected by clientele, they continue to evolve and share its knowledge beyond offering makeup and skincare workshops. In addition, they also develop the talent of emerging makeup artists who choose to join their ever-expanding team. Makeup Refinery Specialises In:

  • Makeup for Fashion Runway and Photoshoots
  • Stage Performance Makeup
  • Skincare and Makeup Workshops
  • Personalised Beauty Consultations
  • Corporate Beauty and Grooming Workshops
  • Bridal and D&D Makeup Services
  • Bachelorette and Makeover Party
  • Halloween Face Painting
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Outward Manifestation of Inner Beauty

Makeup Refinery started in 2013 with the aim to inspire ladies to love themselves more, and increase their confidence by feeling and looking beautiful. There are many ladies who are keen to learn about personal makeup find traditional makeup courses too advanced and expensive for them. In addition, their makeup class is targeted at beginners, with little or no knowledge in makeup. The techniques and looks shared in class are customized to their personal face shapes and lifestyles, so it stays relevant and comfortable for them. Additionally, they believe makeup should be a distinct reflection of personality, character and essence. This principle, blended with the specific needs of their clients, enables them to transform and enhance the natural beauty of any canvas entrusted to their creative care.

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A Cozy Learning Environment For Ladies

The competitiveness level in the beauty industry is very high, with many reputable artists and coaches in the market. Nonetheless, their aim still remains the same. As long as they continue to inspire ladies to love themselves more, they would have achieved their objective. Furthermore, they would be having a home based beauty studio this year, to create a perfect learning environment for ladies to play with makeup and learn in a stress-free atmosphere! Ultimately, they hope to be able to be the top of recall in the near future for anyone who want to advance their makeup skills for work, date, and important events in their life.

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“My belief in this business is to not just think about profits and margin. Instead, think of the value we bring to each and every client. Many of our clients entrust themselves to us on their most important days of their life. we are very blessed to have many clients turn friends, who kept coming back to us with referrals and opportunities.”

– Makeup Refinery

Allow your inner beauty to shine with Makeup Refinery: