The Search for INTI Campus Ambassador is Getting Hot!

The hunt for the Top Male & Female Campus Ambassador of the INTI International University is on!

Hosted by the BIZ Young Investor Club (BIZ YIC) of the University itself, ‘THE AMBASSADOR 2016’ contest aims to secure a pair of male and female ambassadors who have the brains, brawn, beauty and charisma to represent INTI in an inter-university Student Ambassador Search competition organised by OPPO Malaysia.

The INTI campus began its search in February 2016 and they are now left with the top 8 finalists who will be competing on the finale night to be held on the 24th March 2016.

Here are the top 8 finalists. Let’s check them out!

Male Finalists

1) Eu Cao Yang, 19, Diploma in Businessinti-campus-ambassador-cao-yang

2) Leong Wai Kee, 21, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Civil Engineeringinti-campus-ambassador-owen

3) Adrian Lau Chuan Ming, 20, BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying


Female Finalists

1) Ria Andani Nasution, 19, Bachelor of Businessinti-campus-ambassador-ria

2) Ashley Goh Ling Yan, 19, Diploma in Business


3) Jacelyn Mey Jie Ying, 19, A-Levelinti-campus-ambassador-jacelyn-mey

4) Cheryl Tan Jia Hui, 21, Bachelor of Business


Vote for your favourite Top 8 finalists!

In conjunction with ‘THE AMBASSADOR 2016’ contest, & Pollbook are in collaboration with the Biz YIC of INTI International University for two subsidiary awards namely the ‘Most Popularity Award (Male)’ and ‘Most Popularity Award (Female)’.

The winner of the Most Popularity Awards will be selected from the Top 8 Finalists basing on the number of votes garnered on Pollbook. The voting campaign officially started on the 7th March and will close on the 24th March at 12pm. The results of the voting campaign will contribute 10% to the final score of the finalists for the finale night.

Every vote of yours matters to the finalists.


To vote for your favourite candidates, you may click on the links below:

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For more information about the competition, please stay tuned to The Ambassador Facebook page.