Hong Kong – A City That Never Sleeps

Hong Kong – A City That Never Sleeps

Hong Kong, one of the world’s most densely populated metropolises, is filled with a rich combination of Asian and Western cultures. Both of these cultures actually made this city a dynamic place. Brandon Ann, a travel and social photographer, has walked through this Oriental Pearl to show us how this city manage to balance its traditional Chinese practices with a fast paced yet modern lifestyle.

Most people will associate Hong Kong with its busy urban streets and iconic harbour skyline. We can easily experience the busy scene on the streets, at the MTR stations or bus stops where people running from one street to the other, catching trains and buses all the time – the volume of foot traffic is way beyond scary! The city is packed with tall skyscrapers, countless shopping malls and congested streets – everyone is busy earning a living.



There are plentiful of buses passing by on the streets, and most are air-conditioned. The double-deckers are the popular choice because you can sit near the front on the top deck to catch all the excitement and feel the pulse of the city life.


It is impressive to see beautiful traditional and contemporary architecture peppering the iconic skyline of Hong Kong where space is at a premium. The limited land available for construction has also led to a concentrated high-rise environment and high population density. In the recent years, the new architectures in Hong Kong tend to be focused on providing more public green spaces that combine environmentally friendly concepts together with cultural exchanges, aiming to improve the quality of life of people.




Another Hong Kong’s iconic feature is its large overhanging neon signboards everywhere and anywhere in the city.



Hong Kong provides a vibrant nightlife – there are night clubs, pubs, bars and many more in SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong. It is so easy to meet new friends as well as to expand your business network. If you’re not a party person, you can also take a luxury night cruise over Victoria Harbour to experience the beautify night view of Hong Kong.



The food in Hong Kong are mainly influenced by Cantonese cuisine. Many visitors are spoilt by the variety of choices offered from street food to Michelin Star Rated Restaurants. You don’t consider yourself visited Hong Kong if you did not try their dim sum, roasted goose, egg tart, nai cha (milk tea), wan tan noodles and many more.




This place is the home for many giant companies as well as poor illegal immigrants. There are pros and cons living in Hong Kong. But one thing for sure – it is definitely a city full of opportunities and a great experience of busy lifestyle.

All images are contributed by Brandon Ann, a social and travel photographer. Click here to view more images of Hong Kong.