Quality, Contemporary Furniture at Urban Edge Home Gallery

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There is something about the minimalist design of Scandinavian or European cafes that makes us swoon and lust over. Hence this probably explains why customers love to visit these places to take Instagram-worthy photos. However, many of us are under the false impression that these designs are hard to obtain or comes at a price. Urban Edge Home Gallery will capture your heart with its designs and collection which comes at a competitive price.

About Urban Edge Home Gallery

They are a furniture and home decor store that carries a range and collection of contemporary furniture. With a line-up of high-quality, well-crafted and modern products, Urban Edge provides the complete solution for the modern home. They answer to the burgeoning demands for unique European designs. Furthermore, they bring together some of the most inspirational designers of avant-garde furniture from all over the region.

Image credit: Urban Edge Home Gallery

Urban Edge Specialty

They specialise in modern, contemporary furniture that caters to interior designers, architects, developers and home owners. As humans, we love to appreciate aesthetically beautiful objects, and that’s where they come in. Their passion is to bring in designer pieces of affordable prices to add a touch of elegance to people’s homes. Ultimately, they long to inspire the making of beautiful homes.

Image credit: Urban Edge Home Gallery

The European History

Urban Edge was founded in the year 2008 by Vivien Ng who built this brand up from scratch. She started her career as a purchaser who is in charge of soft furnishing for a home furnishing shop in Malaysia. With her handy team of showroom executives, she now has 4 furniture showrooms in Kuala Lumpur and 1 in Penang featuring different concepts in Malaysia. She is inspired by designer pieces from all around the world, and seeks to present them in her carefully curated showrooms.

Image credit: Urban Edge Home Gallery

The European Touch and Finish

While it has been challenging due to the number of competitors in this industry, \clients are confident with the furniture design and quality of Urban Edge Home Gallery. Additionally, they have collaborated with several reputable interior designing firms for many projects in Malaysia. With the wide range of European furniture that Urban Edge carries, your elegantly designed European home is only a shop away. Their well-curated collection will allow you to feast your eyes and ensure you are spoilt for choice.

Image credit: Urban Edge Home Gallery

“It has always been our core passion to offer a competitively-priced alternative to a broad range of European designs. With a line-up of high-quality, well-crafted and modern products, we are proud to present a complete solution for the modern home.”

– Urban Edge Home Gallery

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