Top 10 All-Time Wedding Songs You Must Play at Your Wedding

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Weddings are once in a lifetime events. People hire wedding photographers and videographers to remember the special day for years to come. This is why wedding songs play an important part! Replaying the same song you walked down the aisle will urge you to think back to your actual wedding day. Leaving Top 10 Wedding Songs 2017 aside, here are the Top 10 All-time Wedding Songs that you must not miss!

1) My love will never fail you – Marie Hines

With its romantic and sweet lyrics, it’s certain this will be in our top ten lists! This song comes with many meaningful lyrics. Lyrics such as, “my love will never fail you”, and “I will make you, I will make you mine”. A pop song with a soft beat to it. Listening to this song, you can tell that every lyric comes from the heart.

2) God gave me you – Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton, a famous country songwriter. This is one of Blake Shelton’s most famous love song. This song has got a country feel to it. It not only has the country and love feel but it also has the lyrics to back it up. The lyrics for this song is really heart touching and personal. With lyrics like “God gave me you for the ups and downs,” you are sure to set the mood right.

3) Green River Ordinance – Inward Tide

This song was released in 2010 in the album called The Morning Passengers EP. As soon as people heard it, they instantly loved it. Why? Well, it’s no doubt because of its meaningful lyrics alongside its slow harmonious melody. This song has got a little bit of country feel to it including some pop. It has meaningful lyrics like “You know I’ll be there for ya” and “You know I’ll try”. A really touching song that speaks for you when you’re just lost in words and this is how one of the professionals use this song in their wedding montage (SDE)!

4) We will dance – Steven Curtis Chapman

A song that fits perfectly with a wedding song. A slow pop song with meaningful lyrics. Lyrics that people love are, “We’ll spin and we’ll sway”, “I’ll hold you close and I won’t let go”, and “Still I’ll take your hand and hold you close to me”. This song consists of many meaningful and heart touching lyrics.

5) You are the one – Matt Hires

This song came out in 2009. Lyrics that catches people’s attention are, “You’ll be the one I want” and “You are the one, oh, my darling”. This song falls into the category of pop love songs. Upon hearing this song, you can definitely tell that this song is one that will fit the criteria for a wedding song. One way you can interpret this song would be that his way of showing love is by spending time with the person you love. A good consideration for the perfect wedding song.

6) Let’s fall in love again – Jason Castro

The title says it all, a perfect love song that is able to set the mood for any event. One of the best romantic song with good meaningful lyrics. Lyrics such as “I wanna fall in love with you again” and “I don’t have to try, it’s so easy”. Lyrics from this song can even be used in your vows!This song is as romantic as it gets. A romantic, upbeat love song.

7) Beautiful In White – Westlife

Beautiful In White was a 2011 hit song. However, up till today, people still use this as one of the most famous wedding songs. This song includes deep lyrics like, “as long as I live I love you”. Perfect for every wedding. If you’re the type that enjoys slow and melodious songs, this one is for you. Here’s how you can incorporate this wedding song which is certainly able to set the romantic mood for the entire wedding into your video!

8) Deciphering Me – Brooke Fraser

An emotional song with deep lyrics. This song is about how strong love is. This song can be used in various parts of the wedding. You can even use it in the ceremony or if you like when you’re walking down the aisle. However, this is a pretty emotional song so make sure to get some tissues ready for your mum and dad!

9) Love never fails – Brandon Heath

Love never fails. The title says it all by itself. This song is talking about how love never fails us. When all else fails, love won’t. This song would be perfect for showing your wedding pictures with its slow melody and deep lyrics.

10) I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife) – Runner Runner

This song is about love. Well, obviously. It’s about the gratitude that you feel towards being in love with your partner. With lyrics such as “freeze this moment; let me stop and stare”, you bet that your partner will swoon and fall head-over-heels in love with you again! Overall, this is a heartwarming song that really brings out the romantic part of it. Switch on your romantic mood now and listen to this beautiful song being used in this lovely couple’s SDE!