Pure Pilates KL Empowers You To Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

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Health & fitness has been and still is a popular, important topic, especially in recent times as we battle the pandemic. Everyone knows that exercising and staying fit is a major factor in health, but there are many ways to exercise, and exercising regularly is a lifestyle habit which takes some discipline. One way to do so is by engaging in Pilates, which is a full-body workout that brings many benefits. Pure Pilates KL is where you can go, where they empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals!

About Pure Pilates KL

A fully-equipped Classic Pilates method studio, Pure Pilates KL was launched in April 2019, and offers Pilates instruction for all levels. Instead of mass classes, they focus on personalised training in a focused environment to fit various personal needs. Classes they offer include Private Pilates (1:1), Duet Pilates (2:1), Apparatus Class (3:1 utilising studio apparatus), Small group Mat Pilates & Barre training (max 6:1), and Virtual Pilates instruction. Founder and principal instructor Jessie was freelancing in studios around KL before deciding to turn her passion into a business, creating a space that would fit her training philosophy while helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Image Credit: Pure Pilates KL

Living Their Practice

Instructors at Pure Pilates KL have undergone more than 600 hours of vigorous apprenticeship and testing to teach the Classical Pilates Method, and even after that they continue to practice and attend continuing education to further improve their skills and provide better training. Jessie has a slew of qualifications under her belt:

    • Certified Pilates Instructor – Authentic Pilates Education International
    • STOTT Pilates – Level 1 Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels (2016)
    • Certified Barre Instructor – BootyBarre & bbarreless (2018)

Ginny Heng is a senior teacher at Pure Pilates KL, and she has over 15 years of Pilates experience, and was a teacher trainer for Pilates certification centres such as STOTT Pilates and Pilates Academy International. Together with the rest of the Pure Pilates KL team, they aim to help their clients achieve their highest potential in strength, flexibility, control, and balance, as well as to help them become empowered over their own fitness.

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Classical Pilates At Its Best

As aforementioned, Pure Pilates KL focuses on Classical Pilates. They use equipment manufactured to Joseph Pilates’ original specifications, and their studio is fully equipped with Reformer, Cadillac and Wall Units, Chairs, Barrel, ped-o-pulls, magic circles, and even lesser-known apparatus such as the Neck Tensometer, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, and Airplane Boards. As their team is trained in Authentic/Classic Pilates, they are certified to teach the comprehensive Pilates method, and not just Mat or Reformer. Furthermore, with their small class sizes, they are able to provide more personalised attention. Currently, their clients range in age from their early twenties to over sixties, with more than 75% women. If you prefer personalised classes with form-focuses training, Pure Pilates KL is it for you.

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Challenge Your Body!

At Pure Pilates KL, sessions can be considered expensive due to the ongoing investment into the teachers’ training and Pilates equipment, though they offer various packages and session types to cater to different budgets. Besides that, a number of Malaysians still don’t really know what Pilates is, as it is a generic term, often confused with any core-based exercise, gym-based exercises done on Pilates equipment, and injury rehabilitation. However, Pilates is actually a fun, strong and vigorous workout that challenges the body continuously! The pandemic has slowed Pure Pilates KL down, but they have continued to train virtually with their clients, while embracing the opportunity to hone their teaching skills and to keep their clients engaged. In the near future, they hope to expand the number of clients and offerings, develop a foster community, and purchase a Guillotine (gym in a door, definitely not used for beheading).

“Quality over quantity, and take accountability over your workout.” – Pure Pilates KL

To get started on your very own Pilates journey, head over to purepilateskl.com!