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It is often said that a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day. Not only is she glowing and beaming with joy or happiness, she will be making one of her biggest decisions in life to marry the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. However, behind a stunning bride is the handiwork of a skilled makeup artist that has prepared each bride for the plethora of emotions and long day ahead. If you are searching for a makeup artist in Penang, be sure to check out Kelly Makeup Studio.

 Introducing Kelly Makeup Studio

Kelly Makeup Studio was established in year 2015. Prior to that, Kelly has been learning the trade and honing her skills as a freelance makeup artist. They specialize in professional makeup and hairdo services for the wedding and makeup industry. They also provide makeup services for pre-wedding, ROM, dinner, photo shoot, family occasions, special events, parties, graduation and corporate events. Based in Penang, they mostly serve clients around the Northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Upon request, they also provide outstation and overseas service to cater to the client’s requirements. Additionally, they also offer professional bridal makeup and hairdo course and personal makeup workshops to cater to the growing demand of makeup lovers.

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Makeup Like No Other

Makeup is a form of art and every makeup artist has their own price tag. The value is determined by the customer and their satisfaction levels towards the service provided. The unique ability to enhance the natural beauty of women and make their big occasion memorable is priceless.

Kelly Makeup Studip use only the best quality cosmetics, foundation, eyeshadow, brushes and tools from renown brands such as Channel, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Maybelline and Shu Uemura. They go above and beyond to serve clients whether it be early morning jobs, assisting in bridal wear or accommodating odd requests. Furthermore, they have worked with a wide range of clients from different ethnicity. Therefore, they are familiar and have experience operating on different skin tones and facial features. Another competitive advantage Kelly has is that their team is multi-lingual. They have no issues serving local and overseas clients as their team is well-versed in English, Mandarin and the local Hokkien dialect. They feel that the ability to communicate in the same language is an essential tool to ensure that they fully understand and fulfil the clients’ needs.

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The Art of Beautifying

In 2009, Kelly started studying makeup from the NYX Academy while she was still under full-time employment as an admin in a local company. Upon graduation, she started applying the knowledge and skills acquired to serve clients during her spare time on weekends. As time passed, her growing portfolio and word of mouth attracted more clientele and garnered a significant following. Without much hesitation, she finally made the decision to quit her job and become a professional makeup artist. And the rest as they say is history.

Their market is diverse and they have clientele ranging from locals to international clients. We also had the privilege to serve clients from all walks of life, ethnicity and background. Clients who engaged with them are well-versed with our makeup design which scopes to a natural-look makeup. They love to keep their makeup and hairdo to be simple and minimalist which is the essence of our style.

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Placing Your Faith In Good Hands

They have collaborated with some of the renowned brands in the corporate world such as EcoWorld and New Straits Times. In May 2016, they were selected by EcoWorld as their official makeup and hairdo partner for their Mothers’ Day event at the EcoWorld Gallery @Eco Terraces. In October 2016, they were once again being engaged by EcoWorld for their corporate event. While recently, they had the privilege to work with New Straits Times for their cover shoot of the LET interactive e-magazine at the Tropical Spice Garden.

In 2015, Kelly Makeup Studio was awarded the winner of the Malaysia’s Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists competition organized by Tallypress.com. In 2016, Kelly Makeup Studio was awarded the winner of the Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Penang competition organized by Tallypress.com. These were major accomplishments and distinguished recognition, especially since there are so many talented makeup artists in Penang and Malaysia. In 2016, Kelly Makeup Studio was featured in the esteemed Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Abroad (DWHA) UK magazine’s November/December edition. DWHA showcases just the Ten Makeup and Hair Artists from around the World and the only one from Malaysia.

Contrary to popular belief, a career as a makeup artist is not as easy as it seems. The hardships and challenges they faced have never been told or known by the general public. Early mornings, long working hours and dealing with difficult customers are all part and parcel of the job. That said, a career as a makeup artist can be rewarding as well. Seeing the beautiful smiling faces of clients, receiving gracious compliments and knowing that you had done a wonderful job are the premiums that hardly any other job could offer.

Image credit: Kelly Makeup Studio

I believe in providing the best value to the customer. Customers are the lifeline of this business and their satisfaction is our measurable.

“Without customers, you don’t have a business. You merely have a hobby.” – Don Peppers & Martha Rogers

– Kelly makeup studio

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