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Living Gems
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Crystals and other gemstones are no doubt beautiful to look at. More than that, crystals are said to possess healing powers and different frequencies that can help with a person’s overall well-being as well. As such, crystals are not just a popular collector’s item, but one that has potential healing powers as well! Whether you’re new or experienced with crystals, gemstones and minerals, Living Gems is the place to get them all.

About Living Gems

Launched in September 2017, Living Gems aims to share their passion for crystals with more people, helping beginners and serious collectors alike to procure more beautiful yet affordable crystals, gemstones and minerals. The team at Living Gems themselves are fascinated with the beautiful stones, and went on to learn about their magnificent nature and amazing properties. Thanks to their interest and research, one of their partners suggested that they start a business selling crystals and stones, and Living Gems was thus born!

Image Credit: Living Gems

What’s Your Crystal For?

Different people collect crystals for different reasons and needs. Whether for aesthetic, healing, or other purposes, Living Gems provides a wide range of crystals, so that more people can get exposed to them and own them. Currently, their team consists of four partners: Dan, Gino, Jane and Doreen, and they have two staff members Steve and Roanne helping them as well. Ever since they launched their business, they have been doing Facebook live auctions and post biddings. They actually started off as an online-only business, but soon set up store in Golden Wall. After that, they shifted to Oxley Bizhub 2, which has a much bigger space. Over the years, their product variety has increased significantly. To date, they have managed to gain new followers, long-term customers and even friends all through the love of crystals!

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One Crystal, Many Uses

As a professional, Living Gems brings in many types of crystals sourced from around the world, and here are a few examples of what they have. Every two to three months, Living Gems ships in beautiful, unique amethyst slabs and geodes from Uruguay. They also have crystal bird carvings by Peter Muller (Brazil), as well as many different types of crystal bracelets, pendants, rings and ear studs just to name a few. Besides crystals, they also have minerals and specimen types collected from mines around the world. For an interesting experience, you can also choose to crack your own geode with their in-house geode cracking machine! Living Gems’ products are of quality and affordable, definitely, but they also take pride in their in-store service, online enquiries and their after-sales services.

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Start Your Collection!

Living Gems offers beautiful pieces such as clear quartz, Lemurian quartz, epidote in quartz, quartz with different inclusions, pointers, spheres and clusters, various crystals
attached to the rock matrix where they grew, natural and polished quartz, iridescent goethite, meteorite, natural and polished amethyst, pink amethyst, golden healers, pyrite, Thulite, Azurite, and Fossils among many others. With their range of products, they hope to create more exposure of crystals and products to the younger crowd and those who are new to crystals. They travel frequently to handpick stock and learn more about crystals, but that is currently on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. Once things take a better turn, Living Gems will continue to bring in more unique and rare crystals from different regions around the world.

Image Credit: Living Gems

“Crystal comes in many different qualities and pricing. Always purchase them within your own budget as all crystals have their own vibrations and healing energies.” – Living Gems

To check out Living Gems beautiful crystals, stay tuned to their Facebook pages:

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Living Gems Singapore Live Auctions & Info – FB Live auction
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Note: Due to the pandemic, all collection and visiting will be on appointment basis.