Top 10 Clinics for Invisalign in Singapore

Top 10 Clinics for Invisalign in Singapore
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Gone are the old days where straightening your teeth means you have to put on the traditional metal braces. While braces remain available in dental clinics, you can go for the less conspicuous and more comfortable option known as Invisalign, where the dentist uses clear or transparent aligners that work like braces. That being said, here are the recommended Top 10 Clinics for Invisalign in Singapore.

1) Dental Designs Clinic

Dental Designs Clinic

Backed by a team of experienced Invisalign dentists, rest assured you are in good hands at Dental Designs Clinic. Expect a streamlined yet efficient Invisalign procedure, where they favour a 3D iTero Scan instead of the typically messy dental moulds. For further peace of mind, their cost for Invisalign is strictly transparent with no hidden charges whatsoever. And if you have dental insurance, you will have the advantage to pay a fraction of the price. | FB: dentaldesignsclinic | IG: @dentaldesignsclinic

2) i.Dental

i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic

A full-service dental care provider which has been around since 1989, i.Dental is no stranger to offering Invisalign services. They first introduced the service in 2014 and has since successfully completed over 4,000 Invisalign cases. Their achievement has also earned them both Black Diamond and Blue Diamond Invisalign providers. i.Dental only insists on using digital dentistry via the iTero scanner rather than relying on the traditional dental mould to create a teeth model. They also include dental monitoring for Invisalign patients, allowing the dentists to keep track of your progress and get in touch with you immediately in case of poorly-fitted aligners. | FB: iDentalSG | IG: @identalsg

3) One Orthodontics Dental Surgery

One Orthodontics Dental Surgery

Dr Koh, the orthodontist behind the One Orthodontics Dental Surgery is both experienced and meticulous when comes to orthodontic care. Among the services provided include Invisalign for teenagers and adults. He will walk you through every single procedure from the dental examination to the expected cost, duration and others like the pros and cons of Invisalign. | FB: | IG: @one_orthodontics

4) Casa Dental

Casa Dental

Casa Dental, which has few outlets islandwide such as Ang Mo Kio and Bukit Batok, offers various types of dental services for your respective needs. One of them happens to be Invisalign, where they earned recognition as an Invisalign Diamond Provider since 2017. Their dentists possess years of experience and know well how to handle Invisalign cases no matter the difficulty. | FB: casadental | IG:

5) Align Braces Clinic

Align Braces Clinic

Strategically located at Plaza Singapura Atrium, one of Align Braces Clinic’s expertise includes the Invisalign treatment. Led by the experienced Dr Tan, the clinic offers two value-for-money packages (moderate/comprehensive) to suit your respective budget. Each package covers everything from consultation to iTero scan, a set of transparent retainers and a custom take-home whitening kit. | FB: AlignBracesClinic | IG: @alignbracesclinic

6) Neo Smiles Dental Studio

Neo Smiles Dental Studio

Dr Neo Bijuan, who founded Neo Smiles back in 2015, provides affordable treatment for those who need braces. The clinic offers two treatment types that include bracket braces and of course, Invisalign. The latter, which earned the clinic a Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider in 2020, streamlined its procedure in just five simple steps. This includes everything from personal consultation to getting a set of personalised aligners and completion of treatment, which would normally take around 9-15 months. | FB: neosmiles | IG: @neosmiles

7) MyBracesClinic

MyBracesClinicMyBracesClinic specialises in Invisalign no matter you are an adult, a teenager or even a kid. For peace of mind, Dr Poon Kee Hwang happens to be an Invisalign Diamond Provider, who has years of experience in the related field. The clinic is also equipped with digital technology to make things better and more efficient. For instance, they use the iTero 3D scanner with the non-invasive near-infrared technology (NIRI) to minimise the conventional uses of X-rays. | FB: mybracesclinic | IG: @mybracesclinic

8) NoFrills Dental

NoFrills Dental

To date, NoFrills Dental has two clinics available at Marina Square Shopping Mall and Suntec City North Wing. Dedicated to bringing affordable dental care, among their services provided include Invisalign and Invisalign First, with the latter catered for kids between the age of 6 to 10. They use digital dentistry for their Invisalign treatment, notably the 3D iTero Element 2 scanner for creating a detailed 3D model of your teeth. | FB: nofrillsdental | IG: @nofrillsdental

9) Tanglin Dental Surgeons Invisible Braces Center

Tanglin Dental Surgeons Invisible Braces Center

Looking for high-quality yet affordable dental care? Consider visiting Tanglin Dental, which has been around since 1994. One of their expertise includes Invisalign, where they earned the Diamond Provider in 2016 and 2017. Dr Kenneth Lew is an expert in the field, who has successfully handled every Invisalign case regardless of simple or even complicated ones involving jaw surgeries. | FB: Tanglin-Dental-Surgeons-Invisible-Braces-Center | IG: @tanglin_dental_surgeons

10) Orchard Scotts Dental

Orchard Scotts Dental

Orchard Scotts Dental has a few signature services available here, covering from Facelift Dentistry to Laser Gummy Smile Reshaping/Recontouring and Invisalign. For the latter, the clinic has been awarded an Invisalign Diamond Provider since 2014. And they have no problem handling both simple and complex cases related to Invisalign treatments. Their treatment cost from $4,500 to $8,500, depending on the respective condition of your teeth. | FB: OrchardScottsDental | IG: @orchardscottsdental

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