Just In Case wants your phone casing to be more than just a form of protection

Image Credit: Just In Case

“A phone casing is not just a form of protection to your phone, it is a fashion accessory too.” This is the philosophy of Just In Case which has set them apart from the competition since they first started business in 2013. Today, Just In Case is one of the most recognized phone casing makers in Malaysia producing a wide variety of in-house designed phone casings for different genders and age groups, regardless of taste and style.

The Story of Just In Case

Just In Case was founded 2 years ago by Liew Ping Xuan and Esther Chew, both in their 20s. While they have always been keen in starting up a business, the idea of phone cases came up when Esther was lamenting to PX how she could not find any phone cases with nice designs in the market. They were usually too plain or too expensive. “Why don’t we come up with phone cases that were not only unique, but affordable and of high quality as well?” said Esther to Ping Xuan. Since then, they never look back.

When Just In Case first started, Ping Xuan was working for an engineering firm, while Esther was a magazine writer. After they came up with the conceptualization of Just In Case, they then tested the market by selling online and by participating in various bazaars and markets. Receiving good initial response, they thus took a leap of faith by quitting their jobs and focused on expanding into retail.

“Quitting our jobs to pursue our passion wasn’t easy, but through a lot of hardwork and support from our loved ones, we managed to persevere.” Esther said to TallyPress.

Of course online presence would be easier to maintain. While many people would like to think so, the duo did not just want to be an online shop. They thought it’s crucial to let consumers look and feel the products before purchasing. Therefore, the birth of Just In Case’s brick and mortar retail shop. This second leap of faith of theirs proved rightly taken when many of their customers who purchase from their retail stores shop on their website as well after they are rest assured of their quality.

Image Credit: Just In Case
Image Credit: Just In Case

The Business Model of Just In Case

It is a common knowledge that phone cases are sold everywhere in Malaysia. The market is intense and saturated. But how did Just In Case manage to blossom in an uncompromising landscape? Esther said the driving factor has to be the combination of trendy design,functionality and affordability.

“We don’t see our stores as typical “tech” stores, instead we prefer to identify ourselves as a phone case boutique that combines technology, fashion, functionality and affordability.” Esther of Just In Case said to TallyPress.

Image Credit: Just In Case
Image Credit: Just In Case

Just In Case wants its casings to be seen as fashion accessories. Not just that, they always make sure to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and style for inspirations. Every design is carefully picked and every case comes only in a limited quantity to ensure exclusivity. Besides that, Just In Case also releases new designs every fortnightly to ensure that there is always a wide variety to choose from.

To-date, Just In Case has more than 300 designs in store in various materials and printing methods such as Gloss Finish, Matte Finish, Glow-in-the-dark, Genuine Leather, Glitter, etc., thanks to its team of freelance artists.

Image Credit: Just In Case
Image Credit: Just In Case

If you still can’t find anything suitable from its collection (which is unlikely), Just In Case also offers phone case customisation service for customers who are looking for something more personalised. Printing only takes a day, so it makes a great gift for customers who want something special.


The one thing that distinguishes Just In Case from other phone case brands is the introduction of the Artist Collaboration Series, which is Just In Case’s effort in promoting upcoming artists, especially the local ones. Esther and PX wanted to create a unique platform for the local talent to promote their work because they believe that there is just so much talent in Malaysia and other parts of Asia that has yet to be discovered. They collaborate with the artist by working hand in hand in producing an interesting collection that will be sold in limited quantities exclusively in stores as well as online.

The first artist that they collaborated with was Haris Rashid, a very talented 22 year old Illustrator, who came up with a majestic and elegant series of wild animals. So far Just In Case has collaborated with doodle artist Soofang, stationery brand, Mossery, and temporary tattoo brand, Habitatt Supply Co.

Image Credit: Just In Case - collaboration with Haris Rashid
Image Credit: Just In Case – collaboration with Haris Rashid
Image Credit: Just In Case - Collaboration with Mossery and Habitatt Supply Co
Image Credit: Just In Case – Collaboration with Mossery and Habitatt Supply Co

Achievements So Far and Beyond

Within the span of 2 years, Just In Case was able to spread its presence to 4 locations, namely Atria Shopping Gallery, Mid Valley Megamall, Bangsar Shopping Centre and Gamuda Walk. In tandem with its growth, the team is also witnessing an increase in overseas orders through their website. Today, Just In Case customers’ portfolio spans across Vietnam, South Korea, Canada, the UK, etc.

Image Credit: Just In Case
Image Credit: Just In Case

Besides the retail aspect of the business, they’ve also handled some corporate projects for clients. They have also started providing packaging printing acting as a one-stop-solution for clients who are looking for merchandises to enhance their brand. A testament on how one opportunity opens up another.

Moving forward, the duo of Just In Case aims to further expand their retails presence not just locally but in other states as well as in other countries. They hope to garner more international customers by doing that while at the same time to take on more corporate projects as well as collaborations with more artists.

“We want our customers to feel proud when they carry a piece by Just In Case. The concept of “techsessorizing” is something that we introduced, where it means that your phone case can be used as a fashion statement.”

– Esther of Just In Case.

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