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Most of us have only one shot at creating the perfect moment be it a proposal, wedding, or a holiday. These significant occasions are most often the stories we choose to share with our loved ones and memories that we cherish and hold to our heart for eternity. With such immense pressure to create the most impression lasting event, one should focus on the crucial bits while leaving the details to the experts to ensure a smooth, memorable event. Glammories is here to create exceptional events that will leave anyone in awe.

What is Glammories?

Glammories is an unordinary one stop event and wedding management company. They have tents and decorations which they do not outsource and therefore makes them unique. Glammories calls themselves memory planners because they are a dedicated team that arranges special moments for you, without compromising on quality. Whether an event, ROM, glamping or even creating surprises, they share your passion, commitment and attention to detail. If you are a perfectionist looking for an exclusive event, Glammories is just for you!

Image credit: Glammories
Image credit: Glammories

The Glammories Specialty

Their latest and proud products are Bubble Love Hut and The Igloo. They are proud to boast that they are the first in Malaysia to bring in The Igloo. They are unique and suitable for various activities and event. In addition, they have nicely decorated canopies which are different from other tent providers, and they strongly emphasise on detailing at decoration of their tents. Glammories are a one stop tent provider and decorator which will save you time and money.

Furthermore, Glammories is a one stop wedding and event management company. From the pre-event, actual day to post event, you can count on them for all arrangements as they have expansive resources and network to make your day perfect.

Image credit: Glammories
Image credit: Glammories

Creating Glammories

Glammories was founded in 2015 and the inspiration for Glammories came from the team who consists of outgoing, energetic and positive people who loves outdoor activities. They were out camping at a secluded beach at National Park in Penang one day and pitched a camping tent while gazing at the stars. It started to rain which left them with no choice but to hide in the small tents. While casually chatting, they suddenly came up with an idea of a transparent tent, so they could continue to stargaze in comfort. They decided to build a transparent tent from there and the Bubble Love Hut was created.

Image credit: Glammories
Image credit: Glammories

The Team Behind Creating Unforgettable Memories

Founder: Lee

A positive and energetic event planner that has been organizing various events in Malaysia. She has good rapport with local vendors and authority. She has been handling more than 1000 events from big event which is more than 10000 pax to small party 20 pax. She has been handling a lot of corporate accounts in Malaysia such as Intel, Agilent, Plexus, Jabil, Tourism Malaysia, Asas Dunia etc

Co Founder: Kelly

A passionate and enthusiastic marketing manager for more than 10 years. She has been handling a lot of corporate accounts in her past career.

The Team:

Bunch of strong and energetic people that specialise on tents and decorations from creative designing, hard labor setup, detailing planning, on-site coordination to post event valuation.  Together they are fun team but all perfectionists.

Glammories of the Future

Glammories are proud that they have their sister company, De Comate and Ironman to make their company stronger than others. Together, they are currently the only event management company which is both a tent provider and decorator. That is why by engaging with their company, customers can have value added service with cost effectiveness. They hope Glammories can be the Memory Planner for everybody. Each time an event is to be set up, they hope Glammories will be the first to come to mind for creating the happiest and most unforgettable event. Glammories plan to bring in more unique tents to make their event look even more magnificent. They aim to be the leading Memories Planner cum physical setup provider in Malaysia.

Image credit: Glammories
Image credit: Glammories

Do good and good will come to you. We believe good memories will stay in our hearts forever.

— Glammories

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