6 Coffee Alternatives To Boost Your Energy

Coffee is often the first thing in most people’s minds when it comes to giving energy levels a boost. While there is nothing wrong with drinking coffee as long as you practice moderation, those who want to reduce or cut out this popular beverage may try these 6 Coffee Alternatives To Boost Your Energy.

1) Golden Milk

This traditional Indian milk is named as such due to turmeric, which gives the warm beverage its distinctly golden yellow colour. Also known as turmeric milk, other ingredients that go into the drink include cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, vanilla and honey. This potent combination not only helps to combat lethargy and makes you feel energised, but it also improves mood and minimises inflammation. And for the base itself, it’s best to use unsweetened milk like almond or coconut milk.

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2) Lemon Water

When life gives you a lemon, you make… lemon water. Or more appropriately, freshly-squeezed lemon water. And definitely none of those lemon juice concentrate or powder varieties. Best consumed first thing in the morning, lemon water helps to kickstart your day since its fresh and citrusy taste serves as both a wake-me-up and positive mood-booster. Not to mention it is packed with vitamin C to boost your immune system, and to regulate healthy bowel movements since lemon water flushes unnecessary toxins in the digestive tract. Put it this way: not only does lemon water taste refreshing, but it also indirectly encourages those who dislike tasteless plain water to drink more.

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3) Matcha Tea

Available in powder form, consuming a cup of hot matcha tea doesn’t just give you the much-needed perk for energising your body but it also contains numerous health benefits as well. Matcha itself is packed with antioxidant properties a.k.a. catechins, which helps to minimise cell damage. It may also benefit both your heart and brain health. You can drink it as tea or make matcha latte by adding hot milk for that smooth, milky and bittersweet aftertaste.

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4) Apple Cider Vinegar

Okay, we admit that the sharp and sour taste of apple cider vinegar is clearly an acquired taste. But there’s no denying that drinking a glass of apple cider vinegar does help to boost your energy level. You should take note that apple cider vinegar is highly acidic in nature, meaning it is not wise to drink it straight without diluting it with water. You can add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of plain water and sweeten it with honey if you want to minimise its tangy aftertaste.

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5) Ginseng Tea

It has been known for centuries that the age-old ginseng contains numerous health benefits from boosting the immune system to reducing inflammation and improving brain function. Those who regularly work long hours or simply want to overcome the dreaded mid-afternoon dip at work can benefit from drinking a cup of hot ginseng tea as well. It acts as a natural stimulant to give you a boost of energy. While the bitterness of a ginseng tea can be a turn-off for some people, try to sweeten it with some honey.

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6) Green Tea

Thinking of switching from milk tea to another energy-boosting tea? Try green tea for a change. It contains caffeine that helps to increase your energy levels but unlike your regular cup of joe (coffee) and canned energy drinks, it doesn’t give you that jittery feeling. Sipping a cup of green tea on a daily basis can also help you to lose weight. Other health benefits you can reap from drinking green tea include improving brain function as well as potentially reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes and even cancer, thanks to its strong antioxidant properties.

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