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The largest organ of the human body, the skin is often the first indicator of one’s health condition. It is also displays the first visible signs of aging and lethargy. While it is important to take care of own’s health from the food we eat, it is also crucial to love your own skin especially when it is often exposed to harsh external elements like UV rays and pollution. Nothing provides a lady more confidence than smooth, supple skin with great complexion that will earn compliments from everyone around them.

What is Revival Medical Clinic?

Revival Medical Clinic Kota Kemuning is founded by Dr. Jeff Khoo Yong Pheng and Dr. Tan Kok Leong. After 11 years of establishment of Revival Medical Centre in Singapore, they are currently expanding Revival Medical services and treatments in Malaysia. Revival Medical Clininc is a modern trend of clinic specializing in Medical Aesthetic, Regenerative (Anti-Aging) Medicine and Dermatology.

They specialise in combining latest medical health and beauty technologies and bringing the best health and beauty care to everyone, ranging from young to old ages. They believe healthy is beauty and beauty makes you healthier. They listen and care to your specific needs and concerns. Their dedicated team of well-trained doctor and staffs are constantly undergoing professional training to keep abreast of the latest technologies of Medical Aesthetic, Regenerative (Anti-Aging) Medicine and Dermatology.

Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic

Dr. Jeff Khoo

Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic

Revival Medical Clinic’s Purpose

Revival Clinic was founded from the missions of Dr. Jeff Khoo to bring the professional, high quality and result-oriented aesthetic treatments to customers.  He aims to deliver a healthy and quality aesthetic cares to consumers and increase consumers’ awareness and education on aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

Revival Medical Clinic has a mission to:

  • To improve and enhance quality to your quantity of life.
  • To enhance your hidden potential of beauty and healthy.
  • To provide the latest innovation of aesthetic and regenerative treatments including our exclusive invention of laser free treatments for scar and pigmentation/melasma.
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic

Treatments of Revival Medical Clinic

They have signature and formulated treatments for acne, scar and facelift. Their signature Aesthetic Treatments include:

  1. Viva Facelift – Viva facelift is a customized and personalized laser facelift to solve the sagging problem, which commonly experienced by adults more than 40 years old above. In addition, viva facelift is another alternative V-shaping treatment for youngsters who wish to have V-shaped face.
  2. Viva Scar – Viva scar is a customized and personalized 3D acne scar treatments from different layers of skin. Mean time; increase the skin collagen production from dermis skin.
  3. Viva Filler I, II & III –  Viva filler is a personalized whole face filler rejuvenation and enhancement to enhance the whole face lifting with face sculpting/augmentation/rejuvenation to achieve a natural and fresher looks.
  4. Viva Slim –  Viva slim is a customized and special tailor body weight and body shaping treatments.
  5. Viva Acne (Sebrid) – Sebrid is personalized acne facial treatments involve 3 major steps of oil glands controlling to treat acne, comedones, open pores, acne scar and oily skin.

Other Aesthetic Services include:

  1. Pigmentation/Melasma/Freckles
  2. Uneven Skin Tones
  3. Medical Anti-aging
  4. Medical Regenerative
  5. Dark Eye Circles/ Eye Bags
  6. Stretch Marks
  7. Cellulites
  8. Hair Loss/Hair Treatment
  9. Excessive Sweat/ Body Odou
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic

Advice from Dr. Jeff Khoo

The public needs to have more knowledge regarding aesthetic services and advantages. Everyone should understand their problem/concern and know how to select the suitable and correct treatments to achieve the best result instead of focusing on the cost factor alone. Revival Medical Clinic combines aesthetic needs and health needs for consumers as to create a balance and healthy aesthetic environment. The ultimate aim is to create a quality, honest and enjoyable aesthetic and regenerative center in nation as well as internationally.

Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic
Image credit: Revival Medical Clinic

Healthy is Beauty, Beauty Makes You Healthier.
Honesty and Quality is Our Priority.
We Care, We Regenerate.

— Revival Medical Clinic

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