8 Reasons Why Malaysians Are Extremely Frustrated With Our Transportation System

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Public transport is mend to reduce people’s frustration and time spent in traffic jams. However, many Malaysians do not feel this way. The following explains why Malaysians rant their frustration of waiting endlessly and, sometimes, aimlessly over the poor transportation system in Malaysia.

1) Speed and Punctuality Issue

The lack of punctuality is a major issue in transportation services around the city. Although there was a recent report about the improved speed and punctuality of KTM Komuter services, how many of the regular users out there actually experience the improvement as per the government’s claims?

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2) Inconvenient

With the limited parking spaces at some of the LRT stations, such as Tun Razak and Taman Cahaya, how is that convenient for people to drive from their home to the nearest LRT station and get on the train? This will only cause more inconvenience for those who stay far and have poor access to shuttle buses or public transport.

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3) Poor Service

Unreliable service frequency and overcrowding during peak hours are amongst the common complaints of our transportation system.

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4) Safety Concern

Look at the way the bus or taxi drivers drive.  They speed, overtake, and drive recklessly as if the road was owned by them. How many of us will still trust the safety of our public transport?

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5) Doesn’t Help the Traffic

Due to the poor public transport coverage, especially in the urban area, we will only experience the increase in privately owned vehicles because many would say that it is inconvenient to take public transport. Subsequently, it will only create more traffic in town.

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6) Poor Vehicle Condition

Bangkok uses Toyota; Singapore uses Hyundai. We totally agreed that Malaysia should showcase its national car. But this does not mean that we should neglect the car maintenance part. Does this explains why people prefer Uber these days?

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7) Too Pricey

The recent increase in public transport fares had caused many dissatisfaction among the users. With the hike of at least 30% reflected in the new fares, it has also increase a lot of burdens to those users who strongly rely on public transportation. Do we really need to have 2 jobs to sustain our living?

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8) Poor Ticketing System

Have you ever needed to wait for a long queue even there are plenty of ticketing machines at the LRT station? I seriously do not understand why. The funny part was when you walked over to the counter, the ticketing officer will ask you, “Are you a senior citizen?” If your answer is ‘No’, you will be asked to return to the long queue to get your ticket at the ticketing machine.

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Those who regularly take public transport, what do you think? Share your opinions in the comment box below.