Freshly Picked Provides Hassle-Free Experience of Buying Fresh Fruits

We are extremely grateful to be living in a country where fruits are abundant and affordable. Fruits such as guava, papaya, durian and mangosteen often cost an arm and a leg in many Western countries! With a wide variety of fresh fruits available, it is no excuse to not incorporate them into your daily intake! Freshly Picked provides you with the convenience which will help you with your regular fruit intake.

About Freshly Picked

They curate quality fresh fruits and vegetables imported from worldwide such as Japan, Holland, Italy, France etc. They have a retail outlet located at Block 253 Serangoon Central Drive #01-253 to cater to walk-in customers. Furthermore, they also organize estate group buys, fruits day/ bazaar for corporate and government sectors, bulk sales of whole fruits and processing of cut fruits, as well as hampers and fruit baskets.

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Products and Produce Offered

Freshly Picked used to specialize in organizing durian events with tropical fruits. However, it was rather difficult to sustain as durians are seasonal and largely dependent on the weather too. After three years of durian experience, they explored into fruits and vegetables as they saw a demand for quality fresh produces. They now bring in lots of imported produces that are less common in Singapore, such as Oyster Leaves, Honing Tomato, Carolina Reaper, Sea Asparagus. Furthermore, they perform stringent quality checks on the fresh produce prior to packing for delivery. What makes them different is that they are really sincere in delivering the best to customers!

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A Name in Quality and Consistency

They are proud to have been able to serve Tun Siti Hasmah (Spouse of Malaysian ex-PM Mahathir) at the High Commission Malaysia in Singapore back in November 2018 with their durians! Additionally, they also managed to organize a 1000-pax durian party with a total of 3 tons of durians supplied! Ultimately, they want to create a household name for quality fruits and vegetables, known for its consistency and quality. As they are focusing mainly on imported fresh produce now, they are also looking into extending to local fresh produce.

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“We strongly believe that everyone deserves only the very best that our Mother Nature has to offer. we care what goes into our stomach, and yours too! we sincerely want to bring quality fresh produce to our customers.”

– Freshly Picked

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