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Previously, many people has a lot of misconceptions of tattoos. In fact, some parents even go to the extreme of threatening to disown their children if they ever go for a tattoo. However, the novelty of getting tattoos is gaining popularity once more with people having ideas for small, minimalistic tattoos. The notion behind tattoos are generally similar – with the intention as a reminder or to display their personality or style. If you are looking for a place to have your tattoo, check out Exotic Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

About Exotic Tattoo and Piercing Studio

When it comes to providing excellent, reliable & dependable body modification knowledge & understanding, Exotic Tattoo takes great pride in providing complete fulfillment services. By bringing & bridging together years of medical & scientific exercise and widespread study, Exotic Tattoos is recognized for reasonable prices, notable customer service and outstanding tattoo art for over 17 years since year 2000.

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More Than A Piece Of Art

Exotic Tattoos is located in Georgetown, Penang and their services include: Custom tattoos, Portrait tattoos and Tattoo cover-up. The owner, Max and his family are artistic people. Max loves art and was a hairdresser before but one day decided to buy a tattoo machine and never looked back. From tattooing at home he converted his salon to a tattoo studio and has never stopped since.

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The Man Behind The Ink

Max is a humble and low-profile owner. Although he does not attend any tattoo conventions, he is a hard worker who pursues his passion and dreams. Watch the video below to view the process. For more information on his studio, please connect with him via his website or Facebook page below.

“Tattooing’s our obsession and fundamental purpose. It’s why we exist as a company.”

– Exotic Tattoos

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