Cuts Studio Carves Pretty Things For Your Occasions With Laser

Introduction to Cuts Studio

Established in July 2014, Cuts Studio is a laser-cutting company which provides laser-cutting or engraving related services and products.

Essentially, Cuts Studio carves beautiful pieces of all kinds for any type of occasions from weddings, to birthdays and even for home decors, as long as you can imagine it. Using materials such as woods, acrylics, fabrics and papers, Cuts Studio is capable of creating things like cake toppers, wall arts or plaques, keychains, frames, hangers, wooden cake stands and many more with laser.

Cake Topper

The Story of Cuts Studio

Cuts Studio is the brainchild of 27 years old Nabila Ghazali who is originally from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Having obtained a diploma in architecture and degree in architectural studies, Nabila started out her career working in an architectural firm in Kuala Lumpur. Very soon after, she found herself in a job that no longer allows her a creative outlet.

Nabila, Founder of Cuts Studio
Nabila, Founder of Cuts Studio

Desperate for a career that has room for creativity, she sat down for a few days drawing and making notes while she recalled the times she enjoyed building models and creating stuffs using University’s laser-cutting machine. That was when she decided to start a business.

“I then decided that I want to keep creating! So I came up with a business name, created my logo and started an account on Instagram. And so it all began. Without any real planning, I began introducing my ideas of what Cuts Studio would be to the world of Instagram and my support network soon grew.” Nabila told TallyPress

Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving

Today, besides Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Cuts Studio’s products have travelled as far as Singapore, Brunei and even Australia. According to Nabila, the priority of ensuring the best of the quality of her products makes the cutting edge. Every product that Cuts Studios creates, they will draft it out, look for the best material, develop the idea before they proceed to produce them. It is also the attention to details and creativity that matters.

“We will always come out with something new, something fresh for our audience from time to time.” Nabila commented.


Moving forward, Cuts Studio hopes to continue to develop its product range which appeals to its audience. Nabila wants to prove a point that there are creative talent locally too and Malaysian made products can be as good as others.

Chair Decorations
Chair Decorations

More importantly, Nabila would love for Cuts Studio to become a brand that is known not only for the items that they create, but also a brand that gives back to the community. According to Nabila, she plans to start a laser-cutting class for people who are interested in learning and handling laser-cutting machine.

While Nabila believes that her biggest achievement is yet to come, she look forward to achieve more every day. When asked what some of her personal beliefs are, she told TallyPress that she believes in dreams.

“And following my dreams has given me something to share with others. I also enjoy inspiring the youth in our community, leading by example and showing them that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”

In the end, dreams have no limits. That’s the best part about them. Whether you strive to become a superman, a president or the best worker, it is up to the dreamer to make action and strive for the success that he or she wishes to see. Cuts Studio started from a dream and I have never thought it’d come this far.

— Nabila of Cuts Studio

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