Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres in KL & Selangor
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Empowering the minds of our youth is a great way to set them on the right path. Teaching children how to communicate well will prove useful in the future. Thankfully there are many centres now that can provide support in this area. Here are the Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres in KL & Selangor.

1) Hobby Hop In

Hobby Hop In

At Hobby Hop In they conduct a variety of classes for children (and adults). Children can hone their creativity with classes that focus on arts and crafts, learning and communication and even music. Beyond this, they also have exercise programs and talks held here, at their Bayu Angkasa.
FB: Hobby Hop In | IG: @hobbyhopin

2) LetzHop


LetzHop helps children to build their skills via enjoyable lessons. They focus not only on intellectual development but also social and emotional prowess. Moreover, developing a keen imagination and speaking English well is encouraged. LetzHop has programs for different age groups, and they also have specialized programs to help children with learning difficulties and delays. This centre has several branches. | FB: LetzHop | IG: @letzhop

3) Hansel and Gretel Child Care Centre

Hansel and Gretel Child Care Centre

Each child at Hansel and Gretel Child Care Centre is treated with love and nurtured well. Moral development is key, and the centre intends that the children grow intellectually, cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. Additionally, they are extremely professional, and safety is paramount there. Children will also have daily health screens by teachers, and nutritious meals are provided. | FB: hanselgretelcarechild

4) CanRidge Puchong

CanRidge Puchong

CanRidge focuses on right brain development for kids from 0+ months to 6 years of age. Led by a team of experts in early childhood education, they have a list of courses that feature music, creative arts, and classes for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. Furthermore in 2015, they were awarded Malaysia’s Top 10 Child Enrichment Center.

FB: CanRidge – Right Brain Development | IG: @canridge_puchong

5) Herowl Brain Training & Learning Center

Herowl Brain Training & Learning Center

Founded by Professor Adler Dickerson, Herowl focuses on brain training but in a manner that is not stressful. Instead, programs are fun and interactive, while stimulating the brain. Total brain development is a focus here, along with visual learning and memory training. Programs are available for kids ages 3 through 12. | FB: herowl



Founded by Katrina Lau, Blubricks offers Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, Communication Skills and Power Presentation courses. The concept of Blubricks is to empower students with confidence and encourage them to have inquisitive minds. Beyond this, Blubricks also has a mission to create an artistically sound community of students. The syllabus here follows that of Trinity College London, and the team consists of trained facilitators. | FB: blubricksmalaysia | IG: @blubricks

7) Creative Minds Robotic

Creative Minds Robotic

Creative Minds Robotic takes a slightly different approach to creativity, by focusing on a child’s knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The centre teaches them to apply these skills in real life, and show them how it is useful in robotics. There is an increasing awareness of how important the four topics above are in the real world, and Creative Minds strives to equip young minds with the appropriate knowledge. | FB: creativemindsrobotic | IG: @creativemindsrobotic

8) Edublocks


Tailored for kids aged 2 to 12, Edublocks focuses on STEM concepts to teach kids Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In addition, there are classes that help to build creativity and problem-solving skills. Children are encouraged to learn, build and play in their interactions here. | FB: edublockscentre

9) Learning Fresh

Learning Fresh

Learning Fresh is a developmental learning facility that caters to various needs, and offers programs for language, pre-schoolers, day-care and even home-schooling. Currently, they have three branches in Jalan Gasing, Faber Towers, and Taman Melawati. Care is also provided for infants and babies. | FB: learningfresh | IG: @learningfreshmy

10) Kids Public Speaking by Johan Speaking Academy

Kids Public Speaking by Johan Speaking AcademyThe fear of public speaking is common, but it can be eliminated. As such, the Johan Speaking Academy intends to provide a space for kids to hone this skill and turn them into effective negotiators and communicators. Additional benefits of public speaking include having better listening skills, improved memory, and enhanced reading/writing skills. | FB: KidsPublicSpeaking | IG: @kidspublicspeaking

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