10 of the Most Expensive Pets in the World

Do you own a pet? A dog, a cat, some fish, maybe a hamster or two? We bet they didn’t cost you your life savings, expensive as they may be. Have you heard of koi fish that cost $2.2 million? What about a cat that can sell for $125,000? This list of 10 of the most expensive pets in the world will make you cling to your (now seemingly very affordable) pet and thank God they didn’t come with a price tag that has too many zeroes. It will be a mix and match of individual animals and animal species, so in case you have too much money, you can always get one of these animals.

1) The Green Monkey

The Green Monkey was, in fact, not any kind of monkey, but an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Apparently, he was foaled in the year of the green/wooden monkey according to the Chinese zodiac, and he was also given the name due to his new owners’ connections with The Green Monkey golf course in Barbados. His racing career didn’t last very long, but he did manage to live out the rest of his life rather happily. Unfortunately, he had to be put down in May last year due to laminitis. Oh, and his selling price back in 2006? A modest $16 million only.

Image Credit: punters.com.au

2) Kohaku

The Kohaku isn’t a specific animal, but a variety of koi fish. White-skinned with large red markings on the top, the perfect Kohaku is pristine white without any discolouration or yellowing. Also known as living art by some people, koi fish can sell for very hefty prices, and the record so far is $2.2 million, bought by a collector from Taiwan. The Kohaku variety is a favoured variety among koi fishes, so it’s no wonder prices can hit millions!

Image Credit: fullserviceaquatics.com

3) Tibetan Mastiff

Lion or dog? Dog or lion? The Tibetan Mastiff is a large breed of dog originating from the nomadic tribes of Tibet, Mongolia, China and Nepal. Fierce and loyal, Tibetan Mastiffs used to guard the tribes’ livestock against wild animals such as tigers, leopards, bears and wolves. With a great, shaggy mane halo-ing its head, people usually compare Tibetan Mastiffs to lions. They make great nocturnal sentries, and are a grand sight to behold, which is why we suppose the record for a pup is at $1.95 million.

Image Credit: canineweekly.com

4) Missy

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy, or just Missy, is a Holstein cow hailing from Canada. In 2009, she was auctioned for $1.2 million, making her the most expensive cow to date. If you’re wondering why she’s so expensive, it’s because she’s a Holstein. Holstein cows are known for being the world’s highest-production dairy animals, so really, Missy would bring in more than her cost, thanks to her dairy production. Not only that, but Missy is also the winner of a few awards, such as the Supreme Grand Champion of All Breeds.

Image Credit: factsverse.com

5) Deveronvale Perfection

Hold it right there and stop scrolling further. What kind of animal do you think Deveronvale Perfection is? Just take a wild guess before you read/scroll any further. Did you get it right? Bred by embryo transfer and having prestigious parents, Deveronvale Perfection is a handsome sheep. Jimmy Douglas, a breeder, is his owner and said that Perfection is the “best sheep” he has ever seen, and just had to buy him. For how much, you ask? £231,000, or around $299,475 based on the current exchange rate.

Image Credit: dailypost.co.uk

6) Albino Ball Python

Ball pythons are fairly popular as pets due to their smaller size and docile temperament. They are also typically brown and black, so could you imagine the fuss when people discovered the first albino ball python? Rumour has it the first one discovered was sold for $150,000! As albinos, these pythons are yellow and white with pink/red eyes instead. Since albinism is uncommon, it turned into a trade to breed these albino creatures, and that’s how prices skyrocketed for these animals.

Image Credit: worldofballpythons.com

7) White Lion Cubs

First things first, white lions aren’t albino. Instead, the white colour is caused by a rare but less-severe mutation of the same gene that causes albinism. Not quite different, but not the same either. As “exotic” animals, white lions are, of course, for those who can drop thousands like it’s a few cents, since they can go up to $138,000 per cub. Not to mention extensive grounds and an endless food supply for their new pet? We’ll take a house cat if it comes to that, thanks.

Image Credit: dailytelegraph.com.au

8) Ashera Cats

12 years ago, the Ashera was the “world’s newest, rarest, and most exotic domestic cat”, according to a website. Asheras are the result of crossbreeding the African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat with some domestic cat thrown in somehow, and they look like mini snow leopards. Well, we won’t deny that they do indeed look beautiful and sleek, but if we had to pay $125,000 for one… maybe the next lifetime.

Image Credit: forfun.com

9) Arabian Horses

Even if you don’t know a single thing about horses, you’d agree that Arabian horses are a sight to behold. With a distinctive head shape, arched neck and high tail carriage, the Arabian horse is one magnificent steed indeed. Especially well-known for their endurance, Arabian or half-Arabian horses regularly dominate in distance competitions. Nowadays, most horses worldwide carry Arabian bloodlines with them; they’re that popular! However, a pure Arabian horse can cost $100,000.

Beauty of Arabian Horses | The world according to morroco
Image Credit: assettif.org

10) Stag Beetle

Last but not least, we also have an insect on the list. Most stag beetles grow to be around 5 cm, but some can grow till about 8 cm in length. *runs screaming from the room* What’s so special about these little guys are their blood-red mandibles, and little antlers protruding from their heads like a stag’s, hence their name. As males have larger mandibles, they are also more expensive. Once, a stag beetle around 3 inches (8 cm) sold for $89,000.

Image Credit: funkidslive.com

When the cheapest item on this list is already 5 figures but you’re not earning a 5-figure income yet… will you pay so much for a pet, taking all reasons into consideration? Why or why not, and which animal would you buy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!