6 Tips To Keep Bananas Fresh For Longer

6 Tips To Keep Bananas Fresh For Longer

Bananas tend to have a short shelf life. They can easily turn from bright yellow to spotty brown within days. Like it or not, bananas ripen really quick! But the good news is, you can prolong the freshness of the banana bunch. How to do that, you ask? By following these 6 Tips To Keep Bananas Fresh For Longer!

1) Wrap The Banana Stems

Two words: ethylene gas. The very reason that causes the bananas to ripen faster. So, in order to avoid bananas from over-ripening, simply wrap clear plastic around the stems. The one that holds the whole bunch of bananas, that is. You can choose to tighten the plastic wrap around the banana stems by tying it with a rubber band, or stick it with some tape. Other than plastic, you can also wrap the stems with aluminium foil. Either way, doing so would help to prevent or slow down the process of ethylene gas from releasing through their stems.

Wrap the banana stems with plastic.
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2) Wrap The Banana Stems Separately

Here is another solution in case you can’t wrap the banana stems tightly with plastic or foil. This is particularly evident if there are significant gaps between the bananas in a bunch. So, what you should do here is pull each banana apart gently with the stem still attached. From there, you wrap the bananas individually.

Wrap the banana stems separately with plastic
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3) Freeze The Bananas

Want to keep bananas fresh for more than several days? Try the freezing method. All you have to do is store the bananas in a freezer bag and pop them into the fridge. They can stay fresh for as long as 1 to 3 months. But before you consider this method, do ensure that the bananas are fully ripe. If you choose to place the bananas in the fridge when they are still green, they will turn black by the time you take them out. Now, you definitely do not want to see such unsightly bananas. Another thing to take note is best to peel the bananas prior to storing them into the bag. You can also choose to cut them into pieces. Having frozen bananas do come in handy, where you can use them for smoothies or a homemade yogurt drink.

Freeze the bananas in the fridge.
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4) Give Bananas Some Citrus Coat

By citrus, we mean freshly-squeezed juices like lemon, lime or orange. Use that to coat the banana slices whether they have been peeled or sliced. This helps to prevent the bananas from turning brown while the citrus acid from the juice slows down the oxidation process. If you do not want the bananas to taste sour, you can dilute the juice with some water first.

Coat the peeled or sliced bananas with citrus juice to slow down the oxidation.
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5) Hang The Bananas

You see, bananas do not like to mingle with other fruits. So do them a favour by hanging them atop a banana hanger. Hanging the bananas can help to avoid them from bruising. Not to mention it helps the bananas ripen evenly and last longer as well!

Hang the bananas using a banana hanger to prevent bruising.
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6) Keep The Bananas Away From Hot Spots

Bananas tend to ripen faster if they get exposed to warmer temperatures. Which is why it’s not a good idea to store them near your kitchen window (read: direct sunlight). Or even next to certain kitchen appliances such as the oven, hot flask and stove. Instead, always try to store them in a cool, dark place with sufficient ventilation.

Keep the bananas away from hot spots such as direct sunlight.
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