Babydash – Every Malaysian Mummies’ Superhero

Caught up with work and left with not much time for baby’s daily necessities? Isn’t that a common problem for both working parents now. Here is the thing, Babydash is exactly here just for that, to rid parents of such worries, and so much more.

The Women Behind Babydash

It all started in July 2011 with mummies Lavinie and Shan Li, a website, a big heart and their own homes stocked with daily baby’s necessities supplies. These two longtime school friends had always wanted to start a business together. Long before Lazada was in Malaysia and before Tesco had an online shop in Malaysia, there was a lack of online shops which could provide the convenience of baby daily necessities to parents in Malaysia, thus came about the idea of Babydash.


What Makes Babydash Unique

Their key uniqueness lies in the fact that Babydash is not just an online store, but they are more like a community of mothers – not just a faceless e-commerce business, but someone you can pick up the phone to call to find out more about which product to buy, or what creams/milk etc worked for other parents facing the same problem. They are very customer obsessed and will go the extra mile to ensure their customers get the best possible experience when shopping with Babydash.

Their community is so strong that they even launched Babysiri (, a site aimed at helping parents benefit from other parents’ reviews and recommendations of baby-related services such as baby-friendly restaurants, lactation consultants, baby play gyms and much, much more!


Why Buy From Babydash?

Starting from only low margin items such as diapers and milk which parents run out of regularly, the baby’s daily necessities are kept in these two mummies’ own homes. Right down to hands-on packing and deliveries to customers, and a heart fueled with passion and compassion, Babydash now has over 5,000 Stockkeeping Units (SKUs), a warehouse in Kota Damansara and a dedicated team of 12. They are such a close-knitted group that they call themselves the Babydash Family because essentially that’s how they work – like a family.

Babydash has a wide range of products for mummies and babies which parents would not be able to get in any other baby store in Malaysia. Typically, a parent would have to run from a supermarket to maybe one or two speciality baby stores in order to get the kind of range they can offer. The plus point is, they offer these at a very competitive price. They cater to the whole of Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak), and they pride themselves on being able to get customers’ products over to them within 1-2 working days.


Babydash was named as one of the Digerati 50 (2016-2017) by Digital News Asia, which is one of the movers and shakers of Malaysia digital economy. Within the next 5 years, they hope to continue growing Babydash and eventually dominate the online space when it comes to shopping for mum and baby products, not just Malaysia, but grow beyond and have a presence in other Southeast Asia countries.


Other Secret Superheroes

Last but not least, Lavinie and Shan Li couldn’t really take all the credits, therefore they would like to properly introduce their other key management team including Brendan Millar, who is their chief technologist and Vivian Yuen, their head of finance. Babydash wouldn’t be as it is now, by providing parents all over Malaysia ease of the mind when it comes to baby’s daily necessities, without all these undercover superheroes.


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