Top 10 Cold Brew Coffee Brands in Singapore

Top 10 Cold Brew Coffee Brands in Singapore
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Over the last few years, cold brew coffee has become a trending drink among the millennial generation and coffee lovers. This type of coffee is usually found in hipster cafés, artisan coffee joints and even established coffee chains. Cold brew coffee is concocted from the ground coffee that is steeped and strained in cold water over an extended period of time. Think cold brew coffee like a craft beer version of a brewed coffee, minus the alcohol content. Now, if you are from Singapore, here are the Top 10 cold brew coffee brands you should get your hands on.

1) The Assembly Ground

The Assembly Ground

Nelson Yap, founder of the local menswear label Benjamin Barker knows more than just offering shirts, suits and accessories. He also manage The Assembly Ground, a Melbourne-style café known for his in-house cold brew coffee brand. There are three different blends available which include “Black Cold Brew”, “White Cold Brew” and “Matcha Cold Brew”. | FB: theassemblyground | IG: @theassemblyground

2) Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

The familiar phrase of “the best of both worlds” certainly rings true for Dutch Colony Coffee Co. They offer both classic bottled cold brew coffee and a carbonated version of cold brew varieties. Dutch Colony’s carbonated version happens to be specially brewed using single-origin Finca Santa Teresa coffee beans from Panama. These particular coffee beans give the fizzy cold brew a nice citrusy kick. | FB: Dutch.Colony.Coffee | IG: @dutchcolony

3) The Bravery Cafe

The Bravery Cafe

This WiFi-friendly café in Horne Road near Lavender MRT may have been known for their signature “Lavender Latte”. But they also housed their own cold brew black and white coffee varieties, which are steeped to aromatic perfection for over 12 hours. | FB: thebraverycafe | IG: @_thebravery_

4) Habitat Coffee

Habitat Coffee

The concept of Habitat Coffee on Upper Thomson Road is largely inspired by Melbourne cafés. Apart from serving brunch menu and pasta, they also bottled their own cold brew coffee. Regular blends of black and white varieties are available here. But if you are up for something different, do try their green tea-infused “Cold Matcha Coffee” brew. | FB: habitatcoffee | IG: @habitatcoffee

5) Oriole Coffee + Bar

Oriole Coffee + Bar

Oriole’s Taisho cold brew varieties are roasted in-house by Oriole Coffee Roasters. Available in regular white and black, the Taisho actually refers to the iced coffees first introduced in Japan during the 1910 to mid-1920s Taisho era. There is also a non-dairy version of Taisho M.A.D. Milk, specially concocted for those with lactose intolerant. It is a fusion blend sweetened with macadamias, almonds and dates. | FB: OrioleCoffee | IG: @oriolecoffee

6) The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. offers three types of bottled cold brew varieties on the menu. That includes the robust “White Brew Coffee” and “Nitro Single Origin Cold Brew”. They even have a non-caffeinated option, which comes in the form of a “Mork Cold Chocolate”. | FB: thepopuluscafe | IG: @thepopuluscafe

7) Old Hen Coffee

Old Hen Coffee

Old Hen Coffee needs no introduction, having established its presence in Rangoon Road since mid-2014. If you are a newcomer, don’t miss their signature cold brew coffees, which comes in black and white. If you are not a true coffee lover, you can opt for either “Cold Dark Cocoa” or “Cold Matcha Milk”, perfect for a pick-me-up-drink on a sunny afternoon. | FB: oldhencoffee | IG: @oldhencoffee

8) Atlas Coffeehouse

Atlas Coffeehouse

From buttermilk waffles to butterscotch banana pancake, there’s plenty to love at Atlas Coffeehouse. But don’t forget their cold brew varieties as well, which are cheekily named as “The Milky Way” and “The Cosmos”.

FB: atlascoffeehouse | IG: @atlascoffeehouse

9) Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

If you love your coffee stronger and more acidic, you can’t go wrong with Chye Seng Huat Hardware’s cold brew varieties. Their bottled cold brews are concocted using blended single-origin coffee beans from Ethiopia and Sidamo. You can locate them along Tyrwhitt Road near Jalan Besar. | FB: ChyeSengHuatHardware | IG: @cshhcoffee

10) d’ Good Café

d' Good Café

This five-year-old café offers more than just all-day breakfast meal and scrumptious pancake varieties. If you are here for their coffee, do give their cold brew such as “D’Infused” and “D’White” a try. | FB: d’ Good Café | IG: @dgoodcafe

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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