Top 10 Confinement Centres in Penang

Top 10 Confinement Centres in Penang 2021
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Postnatal moms require time to recover after childbirth while their newborns need to be well taken care of. Which is why confinement centres are here to assist you and your little one in every aspect possible. Here are the Top 10 Confinement Centres in Penang 2021!

1) Gloria Confinement Centre/Gloria @ Olive Tree

Gloria Confinement Centre/Gloria @ Olive Tree

You and your baby are in the good hands under the professional care of Dr Grace and her team, which consists of well-trained nurses and other support staff. The confinement centre itself combines luxury and comfort, ensuring you and your baby have the best stay possible. Highlights also include breastfeeding support and a well-curated confinement menu specially catered for new mothers. | FB: gloriaconfinementcentre | IG: @gloriacc.penang

2) De Garden Confinement Home

De Garden Confinement Home

A comfortable stay and delicious confinement meals — these are some of the comments from new mommies that chose to recuperate at De Garden Confinement Home. Not to mention the nannies and in-house staff are all friendly and experienced, offering peace of mind throughout your confinement journey. They also share their knowledge while providing advice on every aspect related to taking care of your baby.

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3) Ohana Confinement Villa

Ohana Confinement Villa

At Ohana Confinement Villa, whether you are a first-time mommy or otherwise, you and your baby will get all the necessary care throughout your confinement stay. Expect comfort and privacy, complete with spacious air-conditioned bedrooms that allow you to rest well while caring for your newborns. They also offer 24/7 nursery care and that means everything from handling to bathing and feeding the babies. Food, in the meantime, are specially curated for the mothers’ nutritious needs. | FB: ohanaconfinement | IG: @ohanaconfinement

4) Serenity Confinement House

Serenity Confinement House

Serenity Confinement House comes highly recommended by many postnatal moms, thanks to their overall hospitality. They take good care of you and your baby throughout your stay. This include services like offering postnatal massages and specially-prepared confinement meals. Their rooms are clean and comfortable as well, ensuring that you recuperate in the best environment possible.

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5) We Care Confinement House

We Care Confinement House

True to its name, We Care Confinement House prides itself in providing not only professional quality service but also on ensuring that you and your baby have a comfortable stay. Expect a cosy environment that feels like home while all of the nannies are highly experienced. Some of the other highlights include 24/7 care service, full breastfeeding support and specially-curated confinement meals consisting of entrees and snacks. | FB: wecareconfinementhouse

6) Yi Xin Confinement Home

Yi Xin Confinement Home

Enjoy a peaceful and comfortable postnatal stay at Yi Xin Confinement Centre, which is situated in the quiet neighbourhood in Tanjung Bungah. Their facilities cover everything from security surveillance to fully air-conditioned rooms and 24-hour WiFi access. Yi Xin’s services are just as comprehensive, with 24/7 baby care alongside professional nurses and nannies on standby being some of their highlights. Other services include healthy confinement meals, herbal bath sessions, postnatal massage as well as nutrition and breastfeeding counselling.

7) Happy Confinement Centre

Happy Confinement Centre

Happy Confinement Centre combines the traditional confinement practice and modern nutrition to help recuperating mothers and their newborns. They have experienced nannies to look after the little ones around the clock. For peace of mind, the centre is also well-equipped with an advanced security system and electronic door to ensure a safe environment. Their confinement meals are worth mentioning as well, where the cook offers a different menu every day so you won’t get bored eating the same food. | FB: Happy-Confinement-Centre–乐恩陪月中心

8) Miracle Baby Confinement Centre

Miracle Baby Confinement Centre

Backed by registered nurses and experienced midwives, you and your baby can expect a wonderful stay at Miracle Baby Confinement Centre. Services are known to be friendly and accommodating. Also, expect delicious home-cooked confinement meals specially curated for postnatal moms.

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9) Luna Joy Confinement Home Penang

LunaJoy Confinement Home Penang

Located at Tanjung Bungah Park, Luna Joy Confinement Home offers five-star luxury and comfort at an attractive price package. You will get qualified and certified nurses to take good care of you and your little one. They also support breastfeeding with experienced midwives to provide knowledge and assistance as well. If that’s not enough, you get other benefits like postnatal massage and five tasty confinement meals per day!

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10) Carnation Confinement Home Penang

Carnation Confinement Home Penang

Offering mothers and their newborns a comfortable environment to rest and recover, Carnation Confinement Home features hotel-style luxury rooms and even a private lift. Their facilities also include a nursery and baby shower room equipped with hospital-grade equipment. The nannies are all experienced and friendly as well. Their confinement menu comes in lots of different varieties regardless of mains or beverages. | FB: carnationconfinementpenang

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