Top 10 Confinement Centres in Penang

Top 10 Confinement Centres in Penang
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Congratulations on your cute bundle of joy! The next thing a mother needs is proper recuperation and here is where postpartum care comes in. Confinement centres are ideal places where you can stay while qualified healthcare professionals, namely nurses as well as nannies and dietitians take care of you and your baby’s needs. Below is the list of the Top 10 Confinement Centres in Penang.

1) Gloria Confinement Centre

Gloria Confinement Centre
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Led by Dr Grace and her team, Gloria Confinement Centre offers first-class postpartum care for new mothers and their babies. All the team here are highly qualified and experienced professionals to ensure your month-long confinement stay is well taken care of. The rooms are not only spacious and comfortable but well-maintained and they have professional breastfeeding guidance available. Their confinement meals, in the meantime, are specially curated to boost the immune system and provide essential nutrients to aid postpartum recovery. | FB: gloriaconfinementcentre | IG: @gloriacc.penang

2) Spink Confinement & Baby Care Centre

Spink Confinement & Baby Care Centre
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Dr Gan led the professional team to help mommies and their newborns throughout their stay at Spink Confinement & Baby Care Centre. The nurses take good care of the babies including monitoring their jaundice and weight levels throughout the day. This allows the mothers to have more time to recuperate with a much-needed rest in the comfortable, hotel-level bedrooms. Spink Confinement & Baby Care Centre has its own dietician and award-winning chefs curated a menu of nutrient-rich confinement meals. They have three comprehensive 28-day postnatal confinement packages available, covering Deluxe Package, VIP Package and Premier Package. | FB: spinkconfinement | IG: @spink_confinement

3) Cherish Postnatal Retreat & Breastfeeding Center

Cherish Postnatal Retreat & Breastfeeding Center
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Cherish Postnatal Retreat & Breastfeeding Center is a one-stop confinement care centre, offering services from mother & baby care to breastfeeding consultation, parenting workshops and bi-weekly doctor visits. This is to ensure your stay is comfortable while recovering after childbirth. Different types of rooms are available with various amenities for your utmost convenience, depending on your budget. They also provide traditional postnatal massage designed to help mommies get rid of tense muscles while improving blood circulation. Mothers can also look forward to delicious and nutritious confinement meals with herbal soups. | FB: cherishpostnatal

4) Mamarida Confinement Specialist Care & Spa

Mamarida Confinement Specialist Care & Spa
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Located at Sungai Ara, the Muslim-owned Mamarida Confinement Specialist Care & Spa offers round-the-clock professional care and support for new mothers and their babies. They have a team of experienced staff including doctors and nurses to take care of your physical & mental well-being as well as offering specially designed nutritious meals and other related services to aid your recovery. Mamarida’s postpartum plan covers three different value-for-money packages including the 7-day Lotus Recovery, 14-day Serenity Rose and 21-day Camomile Bundle. | FB: MamaridaConfinementCenter

5) Carnation Confinement Home Penang

Carnation Confinement Home Penang
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Enjoy a luxury hotel-like stay at Carnation Confinement Home, offering comfortable air-conditioned rooms with king/queen/single-size beds, depending on your budget. Each room has either an en-suite or shared bathroom and you get to enjoy facilities like lift access, WiFi and Astro channels on TVs. They also offer 24-hour baby care where certified nannies help monitor your newborns during your recovery period. Mothers can expect nutritious meals for a 5-day week with a free flow of herbal or chocolate malt beverages. | FB: carnationconfinementpenang | IG:

6) Millennium Confinement Center

Millennium Confinement Center
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At Millennium Confinement Center, you can count on the experienced and attentive nannies here to care for your newborns while you are recuperating. This confinement centre also provides mothers not only professional postpartum care but also useful parenting & breastfeeding knowledge and skills. Mothers can enjoy five nutritious meals a day from breakfast to supper with a free flow of red date tea. Other services include traditional Malay & Chinese postpartum massage and activities to keep the mothers occupied throughout their confinement period.

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7) Famiglia Confinement Centre

Famiglia Confinement Centre
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Famiglia Confinement Centre is where you can rest easy while bonding with your newborn in the comfort of a stress-free environment. They offer professional postnatal care for you and your babies with the help of highly experienced nannies. They also offer postpartum massage and guidance on how to breastfeed your baby. Not to forget, five carefully curated meals a day are provided for your nutritional needs. Their confinement package is reasonably priced, offering comfortable and relaxing rooms that make you feel at home.

FB: PenangConfinementCenter | IG: @famigliaconfinement

8) Happy Confinement Centre

Happy Confinement Centre
Image Credit: Happy Confinement Centre 乐恩陪月中心

Happy Confinement Centre adopts a holistic approach to taking good and proper care of the mothers and newborns. The centre has a homey feel with experienced and knowledgeable nannies providing infant care so you can have a worry-free recuperating period throughout your stay. Expect different types of confinement foods that are not only delicious but also provide all the necessary nutrients to aid your postpartum recovery. They also offer other services like breastfeeding support and postpartum massage.

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9) Country Home Postnatal Retreat & Confinement House

Country Home Postnatal Retreat & Confinement House
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Immerse yourself in the comfort of a distinct English country-style interior, hence the name of its confinement centre. Mothers can look forward to a relaxing and tranquil environment throughout their confinement stay. Fern, the owner of Country Home Postnatal Retreat & Confinement House and her team of experienced nannies and nurses are here to care for the mothers’ and babies’ needs. Fern is also responsible for cooking the meals made suitable for recuperating mothers.

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10) Divine Post Partum Care

Divine Post Partum Care
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Divine Post Partum Care combines modern and traditional Chinese medicines for all-around postpartum care for mothers and babies. They have qualified professionals with years of experience to take care of your physical & mental health, namely postpartum core & body recovery and depression. They also offer breastfeeding support and confinement meals, where the latter are specially designed by a dietitian. Each room is well-equipped with king/queen-sized beds, smart TVs and other amenities to keep you comfortable throughout your confinement stay. | FB: divineppc | IG: @divinepostpartumcare

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