Top 10 Henna Artists in Singapore

Henna Artists in Singapore
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Henna is a form of traditional temporary dye derived from a plant, that is used to create body art or even hair dye and it is widely used until today, be it for ceremonies, or just for fun. If you have always wanted to adorn your body with some art without having to commit to it for a long time, then you can always check out one of the Top 10 Henna Artists in Singapore.

1) Khair Henna


Both traditional and modern henna trends can be executed by the team at Khair Henna, as they always strive to achieve what the client needs and wants. You can check their availability online, to see if they can slot you in. They can provide henna services for events such as Wedding or Engagement Parties, and even other occasions. You can also order henna for your own use from them. | FB: khairhenna | IG: @khairhenna

2) Zahra Bridal Henna


As the name suggests, they are well-equipped to handle all your bridal henna needs. Beyond that, they can also provide services for Henna parties, special occasions, carnivals, workshops and corporate events. Pricing starts from $100 to $350, for both hands and legs. Note that a deposit of $30 is required for confirmation of booking. Email or call them to book yourself a slot.

FB: ZahraBridalHenna | IG: @zahrabridalhenna

3) Fauzella Sahabdin @FauzellAArtistry


If testimonials are anything to go by, Fauzella’s customers are a happy bunch, complimenting both her talents as a henna artist, as well as the quality of the products used. She’s also well-versed in doing more modern “tattoo” like designs, in addition to the more traditional designs that one might prefer for a wedding. She also conducts bridal henna courses, for those who want to take up the craft.

IG: @fauzellaartistry

4) Nurul Farhana @ Papermarkings


Nurul Farhana often hosts giveaways on her social media pages, awarding her fans and followers with wonderful gifts. This talented artist is able to combine both traditional and modern aspects of henna designs to come up with fantastic concepts that are unique and a sight to behold. Whether you prefer simple and minimalistic designs or more intricate ones, she will be able to deliver.

FB: PaperMarking | IG: @papermarkings

5) Dishacreationz


Dishacreationz henna will make you feel like a canvas for their art. The henna work is more than just intricate patterns or lines, but even goes as far as faces or script, making it a very unique approach to the art-form. They cater their services to all kinds of events, and reviews indicate a host of happy customers who commend the artist for her passion, talent, and dedication.

FB: dishacreationzPage | IG: @dishacreationz

6) Pesona Belle Henna


It’s henna for all occasions at Pesona Belle Henna. From Eid to weddings, Pesona Belle can conjure up lovely designs to help you feel like a queen on your special day. The henna used is their own, and they also sell henna sealant, which helps the design to set and adhere better to the skin. Ingredients are all natural too, so there’s no need to worry about any chemical usage in the products.

FB: pesonabellehenna | IG: @pesonabelle

7) Khairunnisa Kamalludin


Henna artist Khairunnisa says that henna is “passion + patience”, and you will definitely see the results of both just by looking at pictures of her creations. As she’s quite in demand, be sure to check her Facebook to see when she has available slots to accommodate you. Whether you want more elaborate designs for bridal occasions, or simple ones for fun, she is able to do both equally well.

FB: hennabykhairunnisa.hennabykhairunnisa | IG: @hennabykhairunnisa

8) Nilofar @ Henna SG3


Henna enthusiast Nilofar has been passionate about the art since she was very young, having grown up watching her mother apply henna for others. Since then she carved her own niche, and today she provides traditional or contemporary henna for events. These include weddings, birthdays, corporate events and even private appointments. Email her to find out more about pricing for each service. | FB: hennabynilofar | IG: @hennasg

9) Nittra Henna Definition


Who says henna is just for the hands and feet? Nittra Henna has even done belly henna, to celebrate expectant mothers, and henna on the collarbone, for a twist on the usual take. From mandalas, script, to flowers and intricate patterns, Nittra Henna can design some lovely henna art wonders for you. If you’d like to do it yourself, you can also purchase henna cones from them.

FB: NittraHennaDefinition | IG: @nittrahennadefinition

10) Qidah Fuad @ QF Creation10-qidah-fuad-qf-creation

QF Creations has been unofficially involved in henna artistry since 2012, but it was only in 2014 that she made a leap into the business aspect of it all. Today, she handles henna services for Bridal parties and many other events. She even collaborates closely with wedding vendors in the Malay community in Singapore. QF Creations also sells henna cones, which can be procured online. | FB: qfcreation | IG: @qfcreation

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