Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in KL & Selangor 2021

Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in KL & Selangor 2021
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For pet owners, one of the biggest dilemmas has to be leaving their precious pet(s) behind while they are away for business or other important matters. So, if you happen to be one of them, what can you do about it? While you can always try to ask your neighbour or friend for a favour, there’s a better alternative, though. And that to engage in the services of a pet boarding centre. Long story short, here is our 2021 edition of Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in KL & Selangor.

1) Bowhouse Pets

Blessed with a spacious indoor environment, Bowhouse Pet Salon welcomes all kinds of dogs where the furkids can roam around freely and socialise with others. All under the constant supervision of Bowhouse’s attentive staff, of course. Hygiene plays a huge priority for Bowhouse too, as they regularly clean and sanitise the area. Among the services available here include daycare and dog grooming.

FB: bowhousepetsalon | IG: @bowhousepets

2) Pet Playground

Pet Playground

Whether you have a dog, cat, or other pet that needs to be looked after while you are away, you can count on Pet Playground to fulfil your needs. Here, they offer individual rooms for each pet regardless of short-term or long-term staycations. The staff are all highly trained and has experience in taking care of pets. Apart from daycare, they offer professional grooming services as well.

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3) L Residence

L Residence

Located at SS2 Petaling Jaya, L Residence’s spacious area makes this bungalow-style pet hotel all the more comfortable for the pets. Each pet has its own private rooms and will be well taken care of by the professional staff. Some of the daily activities provided throughout their stay include play & social time, nap time with relaxing music therapy and feeding session. Other than daycare, they also provide related services like pet relocation and professional dog training. | FB: LResidence

4) Boarding Buddy

Boarding Buddy

Unable to take care of your dog while you are off someplace else? Boarding Buddy can do that for you within a safe and clean environment under constant care and attention. Here, they provide essential services from feeding to having some playtime with the pets and yes, lots of hugging too. Boarding Buddy also provides basic and full grooming services. | FB: BoardingBuddy | IG: @boardingbuddy

5) Wagcations


Mel has been taking care of dogs since starting out in 2009. And she enjoys doing it with utmost love and passion. In other words, you can have peace of mind upon leaving your dog under her care for the time being. At Wagcations, she doesn’t only provide boarding and daycare but also other services like playtime, basic dog training and pooch transport. For more info, simply reach out to her by sending a PM.

FB: Wagcations | IG: @wagcations

6) Cocomomo Urban Pets Hotel

Cocomomo Urban Pets Hotel

Cocomomo is a contemporary five-storey pet hotel that serves both cats and dogs. They have different types of rooms available, namely Deluxe Room and Royal Suite with features like soundproofed walls and air-conditioned units to keep your pets comfortable. Other services include pet grooming & spa, dog pool and a spacious 1,200 sq. ft. indoor park that includes walking trails and a training area. | FB: cocomomopets | IG: @cocomomopets

7) FURIIStyle


FURIIStyle covers daycare services for cats and dogs, where pet guardians will take good care of your furkids. And for peace of mind, FURIIStyle has a designated place for the pets to have a comfortable staycation while you are away from home. They also provide other services like pet grooming, non-aesthetic dental scaling & polishing and micro nano-bubble milk spa treatment.

FB: FURIIStyle | IG: @FURIIstyle

8) All Aboard KL Pet Boarding & Services

All Aboard KL Pet Boarding & Services

Operated as a home-based pet boarding centre, All Aboard adopts a no-cage policy so the dogs can have fun and socialise with others too. Not to mention it prevents dogs from getting bored as well. Services that are available at All Aboard include pet boarding, daycare, grooming and dog walking. And in case you are not comfortable leaving your dog in a pet boarding centre, a house sitting service is also available as an alternative. | FB: allaboardpetboarding

9) PamperPup Pet Home-Boarding & Day Care

PamperPup Pet Home-Boarding & Day Care

Spanning a wide 15,000 sq.ft. space including both indoor and outdoor areas, PamperPup is where you can safely leave your cats and dogs under their care for a temporary staycation. Here, the pets get to roam freely and have fun in a cageless but secure environment. The staff is attentive to ensure every pet is properly looked after while tending to their needs. PamperPup also has its own spacious private park for the pets to run around and even offers basic grooming services. Alternatively, they also provide home visits as an alternative to regular pet boarding/daycare establishments. | FB: PamperPupPetHomeBoarding

10) Zul & Azizi Boarding Pets

Zul & Azizi Boarding Pets

Based in Kinrara, Zul & Azizi Boarding Pets specialises in offering pet hotel services for cats. Their services cover from pet boarding to daycare and grooming — all of which are reasonably priced to suit every budget. Zul & Azizi Boarding Pets also comes highly recommended by many cat owners in terms of its comfort, cleanliness and attentive services.

FB: zulaziziboardingpet | IG: @zulaziziboardingpets