Top 10 Counselling Services in Singapore

Top 10 Counselling Services in Singapore
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Counselling benefits a wide range of people, from children to adults, as well as couples and families. Counsellors can help individuals/family units with any issues they are facing, including anything from stress to anxiety, depression, self-esteem and financial issues. Basically, they provide a listening ear, and help you figure out solutions to your problems (i.e. they’re not advice givers!). So, if you think you do need a professional in listening, here are the Top 10 Counselling Services in Singapore!

1) Mind Journey Counselling

Mind Journey Counselling

Mind Journey Counselling specialises in professional counselling and psychological services. Counselling sessions can be conducted either face to face or via the telehealth approach, where the latter is available via video, voice or text. Whether you have problems managing the likes of stress, grief, depression or trauma, they have a team of experienced and well-trained counsellors for in-depth, yet non-judgmental discussions. | FB: mindjourneycounselling | IG: @mindjourneycounselling | Phone: 6610 9833 / 9686 5664 | Email: | Address: 9, Raffles Place, Distrii Republic Plaza I, Singapore 048619 (Open Daily)

2) Sofia Wellness Clinic

Sofia Wellness Clinic

Be it counselling, psychotherapy or therapy, Sofia Wellness Clinic provides professional services using evidence-based counselling methods. This includes Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), just to name a few. Each session is tailored according to your respective needs and takes place either face to face in the office or online. | FB: sofiawellnessclinic | IG: @sofiawellness

3) Raffles Counselling Centre – Psychiatrists / Psychologists

Raffles Medical Group

Raffles Counselling Centre covers both psychiatry and therapy services ranging from general psychiatry to family & individual counselling and psychotherapy. They also deal with problems related to all kinds of addiction (e.g. alcohol, sex or gambling) and stress (e.g. work, family or financial). They have two different clinics available for you to choose from. | FB: RafflesMedGrp | IG: @RafflesMedGrp

4) Psychology Blossom

Psychology Blossom

Psychology Blossom values the importance of a client-centric approach, where their dedicated team of counsellors, psychologists and therapists work closely together in both empathetic and respectful manners. Their services cover not just individuals but also couples, children and families. They offer ADHD Assessments, Adoption Psychological Evaluations and Lactation Consultations as well. Sessions, in the meantime, are available face to face (in-person) or online. | FB: psychologyblossom | IG: @psychologyblossom

5) Alliance Counselling

Alliance Counselling

Operating since 2009, Alliance Counselling is an award-winning counselling and therapy clinic consisting of multilingual counsellors and psychologists. They serve both local and international clients, where they are well-versed in multiple languages ranging from Mandarin to English, French, Hindi and Spanish. In terms of services, they cover a wide range of them such as Walk & Talk Therapy, Gottman Couple Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Practices, Psychological Assessments and Clinical Supervision. Alliance Counselling has two branches available. | FB: allianceprofessionalcounselling | IG: @alliancecounselling

6) Padma Jairam, Counselling Psychologist

Padma Jairam, Counselling Psychologist

The multifaceted Padma Jairam has an extensive background in counselling and psychotherapy. She offers a wide range of professional services related to mental health, marriage, family and offenders. She is also specialised in dealing with individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) using Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Other than conducting the sessions in person in the office, she provides online counselling and therapy via Zoom as well. | FB: singaporecounselling

7) Fernhill Psychology and Counselling

Fernhill Psychology and Counselling

Located at Woking Road, Fernhill Psychologists and Counsellors has been around since 2003 serving both local clients and expatriates. The clinic consists of local and international team members from Australia, the UK and Europe with various backgrounds in psychology, counselling and mental health. They treat not only adults but also children and teenagers, offering related services like clinical supervision and pre & post-natal support. Telephone and Skype counselling are available as well.

8) SACAC Counselling (est. 1973)

SACAC Counselling (est. 1973)

SACAC is no stranger to providing professional counselling and therapy to patients of all ages, given its longstanding presence since 1973. Their team includes multicultural and multilingual professionals from related fields, where they speak various languages such as Mandarin, English, Japanese and Spanish. Their services are diverse, where they address issues like anxiety, abuse, addiction, trauma, family woes and suicide. | FB: SACACCounselling | IG: @sacac.counselling

9) Insightful Counselling & Training

Insightful Counselling & Training

Reena Goenka, who founded Insightful Counselling & Training, is reputable as the first of its kind in Singapore that provides Group Therapy sessions dealing with conflict resolution. The aforementioned sessions are conducted using the combination of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Process Works Therapy and Relational Transactional Analysis. Some of the services they offer include Personal Wellness, Relationship & Family Counselling and Clinical Supervision. Apart from face-to-face sessions, they also conduct online counselling and 24/7 emergency support even on weekends and public holidays. | FB: insightfulcounselling

10) Grace Counselling Centre

Grace Counselling Centre

Established in 2009, Grace Counselling Centre is unlike most counselling services since they provide professional support using the faith-based Christian psychology approach. Their face-to-face counselling sessions include everything from General Self-Awareness to Career Counselling, Relationship & Marriage Counselling and Motivation & Self-Esteem. They also deal with individuals who have clinical-related issues such as anger management, anxiety, trauma and depression. | FB: GraceCounselling

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