Be Instantly Transported To The Alps With Edelweiss Premium Wheat Beer

Image Credits: Edelweiss

With Malaysia’s increasingly hot weather, it’s only normal for us to wish for a cold, refreshing escape every once in a while. Think snow-capped mountains, every breath crisp and fresh in your lungs, totally invigorating your senses… What if we told you that you could be one step closer to the Alps, rather than just relying on your imagination? Introducing Edelweiss, a premium wheat beer born in the Alps that instantly transports you there with every sip!

Taste the Alps!

Hailing from the Austrian Alps with a recipe dating back to 1646, Edelweiss is a revamped version of that age-old recipe, now available in Malaysia! If you’ve ever wondered what the Alps would taste like, your answer lies in every sip of Edelweiss, so refreshing that you’ll feel like you’re in the Alps itself. Featuring a subtle fruity aftertaste, Edelweiss is made with all-natural ingredients, including the finest wheats, alpine water, and ingredients unique to the mountains. Richly golden with a natural cloudiness, Edelweiss contains 4.9% alcohol by volume (ABV), and is available in bottles, cans, and on draught. What’s more, Edelweiss is easy to drink and highly enjoyable! We can confirm, as we’ve had the opportunity to try Edelweiss out for ourselves, so come check out what our Alpine experience was like!

Image Credits: Edelweiss

Our Alpine Experience

It was absolutely boiling when we poured ourselves a pint of Edelweiss, and we were instantly refreshed after we took a sip. Crisp and clean, Edelweiss totally brought us right to the Alps; like taking a breath of the fresh, Alpine air. With a light yet distinct taste, Edelweiss isn’t too strong on the taste and bitterness, making it very suitable for easy-drinking beer lovers. In fact, we’ve never downed a beer so fast, because this went down smooth. Edelweiss also delivered the whole Alpine experience to us, complete with a cheese platter, ham, and fruits. As we paired the different types of food with Edelweiss, suddenly it felt like we were having a picnic right at home, and it was good escapism for a moment, leaving us feeling super refreshed after that! We could taste the Alps, feel the Alps… the whole works, and we’re definitely placing Edelweiss into the ranks of our favourite beers!

Image Credits: Edelweiss

Now You Try It!

Longing to taste the Alps for yourself? You can get Edelweiss and be instantly transported to the Alps:

  • From now till 30th June, at selected supermarkets and hypermarkets: Get a 4-pack of 330ml cans for RM32.50 (RSP), or a 24-pack for RM185.00 (RSP)

Cans of Edelweiss are available for purchase at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, while bottles and draughts are available at restaurants, bars, and pubs once they are open. Alternatively, you can also purchase Edelweiss on Drinkies!

Enjoy Edelweiss; feel the Alps!

For more information, you can visit Edelweiss’ Facebook Page, or Instagram.

Edelweiss is an alcoholic beverage only for non-Muslims aged 21 and above. Enjoy Edelweiss responsibly.