10 DIY Arts & Crafts Kits to Kickstart A New Hobby

DIY arts and crafts
Image Credit: JC & Little Moomoo Craft

Starting a new hobby can sometimes be very time and energy consuming. You’ll have to do some research and might even need to spend money to buy the necessary tools and materials. However, there has been a rise in DIY arts and crafts kits where all the things you need to kickstart a new hobby can be found within a box. It’s affordable and instructions are usually given – making arts and crafts accessible and easy to get started on. You will also have the room to experiment and get creative with different types of arts and crafts. Not only that, you can do it with your loved ones, and they also make a great idea for a unique gift!

Check out these 10 DIY arts and crafts kits – you never know, your new hobby might just be one of them!

1) DIY Terrazzo Tray Kit @ Twenty Handy’s

I stumbled across this DIY terrazzo kit when I was looking for something to do during the lockdown. It didn’t look too complicated to make and in fact, I got more of the powder so that I could make more terrazzo trays as Christmas presents. In the picture below, those are some of my creations. Everything is provided in the kit along with video instructions on how to make your own tray. After getting the hang of it, I even experimented with different colours and got creative with it.

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Image Credit: @JC

2) Air-Dry Clay Kit @ Fancy Lab

Another great way to work with your hands is this DIY air-dry clay kit where you can make anything that you want with the clay provided. The sky is the limit to your creativity but if you’re stuck, you can always check out their Instagram page for some inspiration. You can make everything from trinket trays to candle holders and flower vases. After creating your artwork, all you have to do is let it dry before painting it according to your desires as the paint is provided too.

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3) DIY Crochet Coaster Kit @ Connect.ED

Inspired by Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley’s crocheting and want to try your hands at it? This DIY crochet coaster kit is the perfect start for you with everything that you need to learn crocheting. Not only do they provide an easy-to-follow video tutorial, but you will also have the option to have a live Q&A consultation with Irsalina, their residential crocheting guru who can help with all your crocheting concerns. Do some good at the same time as 10% of the proceeds will go to providing B40 students with digital devices!

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Image Credit: Connect.ED Facebook

4) DIY Herbarium Kit @ Avogere

If you were wondering what an herbarium is, it’s basically dried plants and flowers that are preserved in jars using alcohol or glycerine. It’s usually a way to preserve plant specimens for education and research purposes but over here at Avogere, it’s more for aesthetic purposes and also a wonderful way to preserve memories instead. They specialise in customizable herbarium but if you want to do it yourself, they also have a DIY herbarium kit where you can give it a go. It would definitely make a memorable gift for a loved one as well.

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Image Credit: Avogere Facebook

5) Picasso Set @ J’s Space

With the hope to encourage people to seek satisfaction through small achievements in their daily lives, J’s Space launched a Self-Love Kit – Picasso Set. They wanted to emphasise on enjoying ‘me time’ by taking time out from our busy routine to enjoy the healing process through art. Their Picasso Set comes with oil pastels, wooden canvas easel, A5 art board, drawings album and more to give you that head start you need to turn your ordinary day into something a little more special.

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6) DIY Phone Case Kit @ Flower Factory

Make your own phone case with pressed preserved flowers at home with Flower Factory’s Phone Case DIY kit! You can even customise your name on a sticker to be put onto the phone case. It also comes with a chain and gold/silver flakes that you can use to decorate the phone case. Another great idea that you can get as a gift for your loved ones – it doesn’t look too hard to make by yourself.

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Image Credit: Flower Factory Facebook

7) DIY Soap/Slime Kit @ All Pretty Little Things

Fun in a box – the DIY soap kit from All Pretty Little Things has everything you need to make your own soap including cute moulds for your soap. You can also consider getting their DIY slime kit as slime is all the rage now with children – so it would make a really fun and exciting activity to do with your kids. It’s a hands-on activity that encourages creativity and makes for a good time with your family this Christmas.

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Image Credit: All Pretty Little Things Facebook

8) Tie Dye Kit Set @ TeeTaq

I still remember tie-dye clothes being popular when I was a teenager. I guess the trend has come back around – this time with a tie-dye kit that you can do it yourself. No need to worry about creating a mess as hand gloves, table cover and apron are included in the kit set. Choose the dye colours that you want, and the size of your shirt and you are ready to make art that you can wear! It also makes a fun experience that you can have with your partner where you can create couple shirts together.

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Image Credit: TeeTaq Facebook

9) Candle Making Starter Kit @ Little Moomoo Craft

Have always wanted to try your hands at making candles? Now you can with Little Moomoo Craft’s candle making starter kit. Included inside is everything you need to get started on your candle making journey – from a candle stove, thermometer and even warning labels. You don’t have to worry if you are beginner, they have a video where they guide you step by step on how to make your own candles. This is a great hobby for those who love scents!

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Image Credit: Little Moomoo Craft Facebook

10) DIY Cookie Decorating Kit @ Kitchen Craft Cafe

Do you love watching those videos of people decorating cookies? Because I do and I’ve always wondered how they make it look so easy to do! Well, now we can find out if we’re any good at it with the cookie decorating kit from Kitchen Craft Café. You do not have to go through the hassle of baking cookies and preparing the icing – all you have to do choose the cookie shapes that you want and it will be delivered fresh to your doorstep with all the ingredients you need to start decorating.

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