Has Your Pet Registered For Their Very Own Malaysian AnimalPassport?

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Passports are an important form of documentation that we all need in order to verify our nationality. This is especially so when we are traveling because using a passport is an international practice. While different countries will have different designs, this important booklet is essential for identification purposes. But did you know that you can also apply for your pets to have a Malaysian passport? The AnimalPassport acts as an identification card for your beloved furry friend!

dog with malaysian animalpassport
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The AnimalPassport is an official document under the Malaysian Animal Traceability System Project. It is also organised by the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia under the Provision of Animal Act 1953.

By having an AnimalPassport, there will be a formal animal identification system. This in turn will help authorities to identify your pets if ever they are found elsewhere. Furthermore, it helps to build the database system to improve the effectiveness of animal diseases control. Other than that, it also aims to promote awareness in animal welfare as well as promote pet ownership responsibility.

a malaysian animalpassport
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But why would you register your pet for an AnimalPassport? Well, it makes it easier to trace your animal if they lose their way. This is because they will have a microchip implanted that contains all their data.

Moreover, you can easily prove yourself as the pet’s owner in any unwanted situations. Lastly, it’s convenient to have all the required and vital information regarding your pet in one place.

cat with animalpassport
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The AnimalPassport is available for cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses. You can apply for one at the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia or an accredited veterinary. The fee is RM7 for cats, dogs, and rabbits while a horse is RM9. However, this does not include the microchip, physical examination, and picture.