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It is undeniable that memories fade with time. However, it is also true that reminiscing about the good old times always manages to keep people excited. It may be just talking about past events, or looking at photograph collections which puts a smile on someone’s face. Therefore, it is crucial to always get someone who will help you capture those precious moments so that in years to come, it is always something you can always cherish and share with the future generation. are pleased that they can be a part of each pair of love birds’ story by capturing these moments for them.


The team at enjoys the simplicity of taking candid and natural shots. They document them in a natural environment lighting and the results are priceless. Since they are big fans of weddings, they pay special attention to capturing the details of the event. They have 2 brands which cover different segments: (the main) which covers wedding events and Lovebirth photography which covers maternity, childbirth, family and events.

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Good Photography Is About Emotions

The team takes pride in moment capturing. They have good creativity to design unique themes or decor to make your shooting different from others. Furthermore, their clients love their personality as they are passionate and strive to deliver more than they promise. They believe in open communication and understanding people better. By doing so, they are able to capture the little details that matter – the pride of the parents, the emotions of the couple, the anticipation, the laughter, the utter joy –  images that reflect the happiness of the day. After growing in passion, they subsequently pursued newborn photography.

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Capturing That Split Second Moment

They believe that their achievement is not measured by the number of projects completed. Instead, the quality output for each photo is the most valuable. Capturing the cute moments, every small action, and the sweet expression from the face of the little ones is the value which they provide to clients as sweet memories in respective milestones. Their plan within the next 5 years is to penetrate and expand to international markets. In addition, they are also looking forward to build a sustainable studio with fabulous team members.

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“Everything comes with challenges. Challenges can push us for improvement.”


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