Top 10 Shops for Baby Full Month Gift Packages in Singapore 2021

Top 10 Shops for Baby Full Month Gift Packages in Singapore 2021
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Looking for a shop that offers gift packages to celebrate your baby’s “full moon” for their first month of birth? Whether you prefer the old-school ang ku kuehs and red eggs or the more contemporary cupcakes and other Western-style pastries, here are the Top 10 Shops For Baby Full Month Gift Packages in Singapore 2021.

1) Gobi Desserts

Gobi Desserts

Gobi Desserts specialises in French desserts, where you can check out their delicious range of baby full month packages. Depending on your choices, each package includes handcrafted low-sugar Chocolate Petites or comes with traditional red eggs. For the former, you can have them customised with different cute designs, namely mandarin orange, star/heart sprinkles or 3D letters. Keep in mind that Gobi Desserts requires a 7-day notice to prep for the Chocolate Petites with a minimum quantity of at least 15 boxes. | FB: GobiCakes | IG: @gobidesserts

2) Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh

Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh

If you prefer a more traditional baby full month package, Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh offers a range of handmade Nyonya-style ang ku kuehs and red eggs. They take no shortcuts when comes to making ang ku kuehs, ensuring that both have the right balance of thickness, chewiness and quality fillings. Speaking of fillings, they have different flavours available ranging from peanut and corn to sweet bean, coconut, salted bean and yam. | FB: JiXiangConfectionery.AngKuKueh | IG: @jixiangconfectionery

3) P.Osh


At P.Osh, they only insist on making their baked goods the good old traditional way. All without the usual nasties except natural and premium ingredients. For their Baby’s First Month Bundle, you will get a blue or pink box of brownies with ang ku kuehs (mung bean paste or ground peanuts filling) and red quail’s eggs. You can have your brownies customised with the likes of the baby’s name and date. Each package comes with a baby card as well. | FB: P.OshSG | IG: @poshbegood

4) The Patissier LLP

The Patissier LLP

Using the traditional French baking techniques, The Pattisier offers plenty of colourful cute-looking cakes and icing cookies for the baby full month celebration. Take their 6-inch Baby Love cake, for instance; a polka-dotted vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate rose, Ribena-flavoured and milk chocolate. Alternatively, they have Baby Says Hi! cupcakes as well, with various flavours available such as strawberry, vanilla or chocolate chip. | FB: ThePatissierLLP | IG: @the_patissier

5) Bengawan Solo Singapore

Bangawan Solo Singapore

With an illustrious history stretching for over 40 years, Bengawan Solo’s reputation in making their homemade confection the traditional way remains the same. What you will get here is quality, yet preservative-free baked goods using only the best and freshest ingredients possible. Look out for their First Month Celebrations, where you can choose a cake, Package A or B. The latter two comes with a set of cake, red eggs and ang ku kuehs. As for the cake flavours, you have plenty of choices here ranging from the classic Marble Cake to baby-themed Baby’s Booties and Sweet Angel. | FB: Bangawan-Solo-Singapore

6) Sweetest Moments

Sweetest Moments

A winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Awards’ Promising Brand category, Sweetest Moments is famously garnering praise from local celebrities like Fann Wong and Vivian Lai, not to mention they are Halal-certified as well. Choices are aplenty here, with the likes of Classic Tradition box, which comes with Swiss rolls, pointed ang ku kuehs, red eggs, mochis and more. You can also check out their cakes, namely Oh Baby Baby, where they have fondant frosting-coated Moist Chocolate or Red Velvet flavour. | FB: | IG: @sweetestmomentssg

7) Catering Culture Pte Ltd

Catering Culture Pte Ltd

This Halal-certified Catering Culture Pte Ltd specialises in different kinds of events, namely baby showers and birthday parties. Baby full month gift box packages are available as well, where you can mix-and-match 8 different items in a box such as red eggs, cupcakes, ang ku kuehs or brownies. | FB: Catering-Culture-Pte-Ltd | IG: @cateringculture

8) The Pine Garden

The Pine Garden

The Pine Garden has over 30 years of experience in making freshly-baked goods regardless of traditional or modern delicacies. If you prefer the former, consider their vintage Dim Sim Set that comes with glutinous rice, red eggs and ang ku kuehs packed in an old-school bamboo steamer. But those who fancy the contemporary gift can go for their 9 pcs Premium Cake Set consisting of bite-sized cakes filled with flavours like Black Forest, Marble Cheesecake and Triple Layer Chocolate. | FB: pgcake | IG: @pgcake

9) Swissbake


From freshly-baked bread to pastries and cakes, there is something for everyone here at Swissbake. But if you are looking for the baby full month celebration, they have different types of cupcakes, namely Joyful Moments Chocolate Cupcakes and the adorable Disney Tsum Tsum Baby Shower Cupcakes. Available in a bundle of 10 or 15 boxes or a party gift box consisting of 24 pcs of cupcakes. | FB: swissbakesg | IG: @swissbakesg

10) offers both traditional and modern gifts for those who are celebrating baby’s first milestone. Using only quality and the freshest ingredients possible, they have a variety of gift packages to choose from with bite-sized treats such as cupcakes, cookies, ang ku kuehs and red eggs. Each package comes with a personalised baby card. | FB: | IG: @papamamasg