Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore

Top 10 Speakeasy Bars in Singapore
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Singapore is home to plenty of speakeasy bars. There’s something about them that makes it worth visiting. The deceptive storefront that lies a hidden entrance, the dimly lit setting, the intimate atmosphere and of course, crafted cocktails concocted by talented bartenders. So, the next time you are planning to have a drink alone or with your loved one or friend(s), check out these Top 10 speakeasy bars in Singapore.

1) Taylor Adam

Taylor Adam
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It’s easy to dismiss Taylor Adam as a bespoke tailor shop with all the usual suspects on display. But beyond the fitting room and the velvet curtains lies a speakeasy that awaits you. The cosy, jazz lounge-style interior certainly gets you into the mood with numerous crafted cocktails worth trying. You can’t go wrong with some of their all-time favourites, namely the 1920s New York-inspired Gentlemen blended with whisky, cognac, bourbon and yellow Chartreuse. Or explore their signatures from the flavourful Pomodoro Al Basilico to the sweet & sour Garden of Eden and the refreshing Aurora. Alternatively, you can ask the bartender to customise your cocktail.

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2) The Other Room

The Other Room
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Step into the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel and look for a black door. You find it in the hotel lobby and once you are inside, you will be transported to a swanky bar that specialises in making in-house cask-finished spirits. Over 100 different of them, to be exact. The Other Room also serves cocktails, offering 1970s vintage varieties such as Rob Roy, Milano-Torino and White Lady. Or go for the different concoctions such as the sour & minty Cuban-style Mojadito or the rich & smokey Darkness paired with dark chocolate. | FB: TheOtherRoomSG | IG: @theotherroomsg

3) Mama Diam

Mama Diam
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Mama Diam’s ’80s retro-style, mom-and-pop storefront sure evokes a strong sense of nostalgia, reminding you of the good old childhood past. But past the magazine door, it’s a different story altogether — a speakeasy bar that offers crafted cocktails specially concocted to reflect Singapore’s cultural heritage. Interesting options include the tequila-based Fruitea O Kosong and the bittersweet banana-note OG Kopi, where the latter combines Remy Martin 1738 with Shanky’s Whip Irish Whisky & Tia Maria Coffee liqueurs and Nanyang traditional coffee brew. | FB: mamadiam.prinsep | IG: @mamadiam.prinsep

4) The Hidden Story

The Hidden Story
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The Hidden Story lives up to its discreet name since you have to go behind the Stirling Steaks’ freezer door. A flight of stairs later and from there, you have a dimly lit speakeasy bar adorned with a nostalgia-heavy, Peranakan-style interior. This includes everything from the classy leather sofas to its Tiffany lamps hanging on the ceiling. It’s hard not to pay attention to its unique Onyx bar top and when it comes to the menu, they offer a range of fascinating cocktails here. There’s the peated whisky-based Gotong Royong and others like Peranakan Enclave, a concoction of dry gin with rose and lychee notes.

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5) The Dragon Chamber

The Dragon Chamber
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Beyond The Dragon Chamber’s traditional kopitiam setting lies a beer fridge that unlocks another dimension. The dimension in question is an eclectic mix of a Chinese dining restaurant and a bar reminiscent of an old-school TCM hall. If you are here for drinks, sip into some of their signature cocktails such as Dragon’s Eye (longan tea, dark rum, date syrup, citrus & peated whiskey mist) and Bangkok Breeze (tom yum vodka, kaffir lime syrup, egg white & lime juice). Ever tasted bakkwa but in the form of an alcoholic drink? Go adventurous by ordering a glass of Bakkwa Old Fashioned, a combination of bakkwa-infused bourbon with cane sugar and bitters. | FB: TheDragonChamber | IG: @thedragonchamber

6) Bitters & Love

Bitters & Love
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Bitters & Love welcomes you with its lively and intimate environment of a dimly lit bar. Their cocktail menu is diverse, covering the likes of the citrusy Singsling and the smokey Cuban-inspired Fleming’s Cigar. If you prefer something stronger, try the bittersweet Moves Like Jager. Can’t find what you want? Simply ask one of the bartenders to mix and match a cocktail that suits your taste and mood and let them do the magic. | FB: BittersandLove | IG: @bittersandlove

7) D.Bespoke

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Entering D.Bespoke, you’ll be greeted by the tranquil earthy design with lots of wooden accents and posh Chesterfield leather seats. The quintessential dim lighting completes the moody look and feel, mixing an intimate Ginza bar and the traditional American-style speakeasy. D.Bespoke serves customised cocktails based on your taste and preference. You just have to hand it off to these talented bartenders to whip up something good that will satisfy your taste buds. | FB: dbespoke | IG: @d.bespoke

8) The Secret Mermaid

The Secret Mermaid
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The basement level of Ocean Finance Centre is where you find The Secret Mermaid is hidden. There’s an eight-seater bar with a high stack of shelves displaying bottles of various craft spirits from gins to vodkas. Cocktail lovers can look forward to some of The Secret Mermaid’s favourites such as Sidewinder (gin, mint, lime & clarified milk punch) and the vodka-infused Janey’s Fan Club. Or sip a glass or two of their fine selection of wines imported from the likes of Italy, France and Australia. | FB: thesecretmermaid | IG: @

9) Junior The Pocket Bar

Junior The Pocket Bar
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One of the unique things about Junior The Pocket Bar is its ever-changing concept every half a year. They even go as far as offering crafted cocktails that match the concept at the time. For the current menu, sip some of the interesting cocktails such as Makgeolli, Aloe Vera (Bols Genever, aloe vera & lychee cordial with lemon) and Sesame (Jura Whisky, sesame, chocolate & clarified milk). Interestingly, you might want to try something different like Kimchi — a concoction of Roku Gin with kimchi tomato cordial, mezcal and sherry. | FB: JuniorThePocketBar | IG: @juniorthepocketbar

10) The Horse’s Mouth

The Horse's Mouth
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Inside the Forum The Shopping Mall lies a hidden basement bar of The Horse’s Mouth, offering the kind of atmosphere where you can sit back and relax with a glass or two. Here, they have both classic (e.g. Martini, Old Fashioned) and signature cocktails. The latter include options like Eastern Remedy (Roku Gin, yuzu sake, lemon, chamomile tea & Giffard Peach) and The Hadouken (Hyakunen Umeshu, Kraken Spiced Rum, lemon, dark sugar & black walnut bitters). | IG:

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!