Top 10 Nursing Homes in Singapore

Top 10 Nursing Homes in Singapore
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Not everyone has the luxury of time and space to take care of our ageing parents or elderly legal guardians all by ourselves. This could be due to heavy work commitments and other factors that prevent us from doing so. Which is why nursing homes are here to ease our burdens. They provide all the necessary professional care and environment for the elderly. But which nursing home should you go to? Here are the Top 10 Nursing Homes in Singapore based on your votes.

1) Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens

Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens

Ling Kwang Home is a holistic nursing home able to accommodate up to 350 elderly residents. The nursing home provides comprehensive facilities such as day care services, which is specially catered for senior citizens with limited physical capabilities. Senior citizens can also expect the long-term or short-term comfort of their residential services, complete with an all-around elderly care supervised by highly-trained professionals and nurses. This includes everything from rehabilitation to transport & escort services. You can visit their website below to learn more about their services. | FB: Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens

2) The Lentor Residence

The Lentor Residence

The Lentor Residence offers a comfortable residential environment for the elderly, complete with a serene view of the lush greenery in its surrounding area. Each room is well-equipped with essential facilities like Wi-Fi access, air-conditioning unit, private bathroom and 24-hour emergency call system. The Lentor Residence also provides an integrated service known as the Assisted Living programme. This particular programme involves routine assistance for the elderly such as medications, housekeeping as well as nutritious meals specially prepared by The Lentor Residence’s in-house chef. If you would like to know more about The Lentor Residence, you can contact them at +65 6451 6300 or email at | FB: lentorresidence

3) Green Avenue Home for Elderly

Green Avenue Home for Elderly

Peace and tranquillity are among the two important factors that an average number of senior citizens need the most. Which is why Green Home Avenue fulfils both criteria with their homey residence amidst a vast garden compound. Elderly residents can expect a wide range of physiotherapy services targeted for those who suffered from medical conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Green Home Avenue also provides other essential services such as day care, home care nursing and rehabilitation. Fun activities like mahjong games and sing-a-long karaoke sessions are even integrated as part of their services, ensuring the elderly residents in Green Home Avenue feel inviting and happy with their surroundings. | FB: Green Avenue Home for Elderly

4) Man Fut Tong Nursing Home

Man Fut Tong Nursing Home

Man Fut Tong Nursing Home has an illustrious history stretching for almost 50 years. Founded by the late Venerable Ho Yuen Hoe, the nursing home has undergone decades of significant transformation from a humbly Buddhist Old Peoples Home for women in 1969 to a fully-furnished facility for the elderly in 2002. Among the comprehensive services provided in Man Fut Tong Nursing Home includes a 24-hour nursing & clinical care aided by a team of highly-trained nurses, rehabilitation and day care programme. The nursing home also provides the convenience of a home therapy service for homebound elderly. Visit their website below to find out more about the services. | FB: ilovemft | IG: @mftws

5) Moonlight Home for the Aged and Handicapped LLP

Moonlight Home for the Aged and Handicapped LLP

Moonlight Home for the Aged and Handicapped LLP is a family-run business dedicated to offering the best family-oriented care for the elderly. Apart from providing 24-hour nursing care services, the nursing home also encourage volunteers to take part and spend their time with the residents. This is to encourage more social activities and interactions while making them feel like home as part of the family members. Call +65 6280 8990 or email at to set up an appointment. | FB: moonlightnursinghome | IG: @moonlightnursinghome

6) Orange Valley Nursing Home

Orange Valley Nursing Home

Orange Valley is reputed as one of the leading eldercare service providers in Singapore. And it’s easy to see why. Since their inception in 1993, they have operated six nursing homes so far with the latest home located at 363 Balestier Road. As a fully-integrated nursing home, Orange Valley is blessed with all-around facilities such as rehabilitation, therapy, home care and medical care services. If you are interested to know more about Orange Valley, do not hesitate to drop a call at +65 6499 4699 or you can email them at | FB: OVNHSG

7) St Andrew Nursing home

St Andrew Nursing home

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (SANH) is part of the St. Andrew’s Medical Mission initiative, which also includes various medical services such as St. Andrew’s Community Hospital and St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital Clinic. SANH (Buangkok) started operations in November 2013. The 300-bed, 7-storey purpose-built facility is Singapore’s fourth and largest psychiatric nursing home to provide long-term care for residents suffering from psychiatric illnesses. There is even a specialised Dementia Care Ward, which allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities safely in an enclosed garden filled with greenery, walkway and benches.

In 2017, SANH expanded two more nursing facilities at Henderson and Queenstown. SANH (Henderson) and SANH (Queenstown)  provide integrated residential care (including dementia care), centre-based services and home care services for the elderly. Each nursing home is co-located with a senior care centre. SANH (Henderson) began operations in February 2017 with a capacity of 252 beds, while SANH  (Queenstown) started operations with a capacity of 292 beds in April 2017. | FB: likeSACH | IG: @standrewscommunityhospital

8) NTUC Health’s Nursing Homes

NTUC Health’s Nursing Homes

NTUC Health’s Nursing Homes take pride in providing a first-rate, yet affordable health and eldercare services for the senior citizens. Services offered at NTUC includes a 24-hour medical & nursing care, respite care and rehabilitation therapy services. NTUC also offers a conducive environment for the elderly, with interactive programmes like chess games, reading as well as performing and sing-a-long. There are currently three NTUC Health’s Nursing Homes island-wide including Jurong West, Chai Chee and Geylang East. | FB: NTUCHealth

9) THK Nursing Home

THK Nursing Home

THK Nursing Home adopts a person-centric approach to ensure every elderly resident receive an utmost care in all four important areas: physical, medical, emotional and social supports. The nursing home is also well-equipped with facilities like a rehabilitative gym and landscaped gardens. Check out their website to learn more about THK Nursing Home or call +65 6337 1201. | FB: welovethk | IG: thk360

10) Xentific Home Nurse Care

Xentific Home Nurse Care

Xentific Home Nurse Care at Jalan Ulu Siglap is more than just a nursing care centre for the elderly. They also offer a special caregiver programme known as “Stay + Train” conducted by Nursing Home Senior Staff Nurse. The programme includes essential training like basic therapy exercises, assisting wheelchair-bound elderly patients to perform daily activities and basic first aid. If you want to know more about their programme, simply call them at +65 6344 9732.

FB: Xentific Home Nurse Care | IG: @xentifichome

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