Raw & Rustic Concept Store Provides Distinctive Designs

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There is an ongoing trend where retro and vintage designs making a comeback. That is simply because rustic styles are classics that will never fade with time. However, searching for vintage goods are often not easy, especially when it comes to bulky goods like furniture. Hence, Raw & Rustic Concept Store identified this gap in the market to provide you with distinctive designs that are rustic, organic, comforting with an edgy accent. If you are looking for that piece of furniture to complete your dream home or space, look no further.

About Raw & Rustic Concept Store

From the year 2013, they have grown from a furniture shop to a dynamic interior design brand. Most importantly, they have a penchant for conceptualising urban landscapes and architectural spaces. Their designs, whether in-house designed or carefully-picked lighting, furniture and home accessories, commercial or residential spaces, engage the senses beyond the visual.

Image credit: Raw & Rustic Concept Store

Designs That Are Beyond Creativity

They have a team of creative individuals and trusted professionals who seek to create creative designs that embody function and style. In addition, their iconic designs, craftsmanship and care for client’s needs make them the choice in the residential or commercial industry. They are in the trade of:

  1. Furniture – design aesthetic that is rustic, crafted by experienced carpenters. Suitable for both commercial or residential spaces.
  2. Carpentry – their carpenters are able to craft any form of wood. From expensive solid wood to laminated plywood.
  3. Interior fit-out – Their robust portfolio across various industries including F&B, fitness, hair salon, fashion and residential.

    Image credit: Raw & Rustic Concept Store

The Man Behind The Idea

Raw & Rustic is the brainchild of Mr. Liew Wee Loong, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the home design, theme park and building industry. In addition, Liew has an impressive resume working on major theme park projects around the globe. Furthermore, he specialises in collaborating with artistic and creative directors to create functional designs and architectural environments that support the story and narrative of attractions and guest facilities.

Image credit: Raw & Rustic Concept Store

Finding A Fit Among The Industry

The raw and rustic concept is not as receptive as overseas and many consumers are not able to appreciate the effect and rustiness. In fact, they encountered people who queried if the product was recycled/refurbished. For modern concept, it’s easy so long as the product/item is new. However for rustic concept, they have to work on a new product to look old (back dating), which requires years of experience. Besides, they believe their passion and emphasis on quality will allow more people to appreciate this craft.

Image credit: Raw & Rustic Concept Store

“We are a team of creative individuals who seek to create creative designs that embody function and style.

Additionally, we make any space and furniture look raw and rustic, using our proprietary technology and skills.”

– Raw & Rustic Concept Store

Raw & Rustic Concept Store are having Raya sales to celebrate this zero-rated GST season! Head on over to grab your piece of iconic furniture: