Malaysia’s Top 10 Pet Grooming Centres

Malaysia's Top 10 Pet Grooming Centres
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2022A pet grooming centre is a place, where cats and dogs are groomed. It is also a saviour for pet owners, who don’t have the time or don’t know how to groom their pets. The most important aspect of a pet grooming centre is to have a team of groomers, who can handle any pet without any trouble. The pet grooming centres on this list know exactly how important it is for them to have happy customers. Presenting Malaysia’s Top 10 Pet Grooming Centres, as voted for by the public.

1) PGH – Pets Grooming Hotel


Pets Grooming Hotel (PGH) is not only a pet boarding centre, it is also a pet grooming specialist that provides the best of services for pets. PGH is here to ensure that pet owners have nothing to worry about when they drop their pets at their centre. For hygiene purposes, PGH has a strict control on fleas, ticks and mites as they make sure their centre get disinfected twice a day. At PGH, there’s a range of grooming services that pet owners can choose from. Do check out their website to know more about the services that PGH offers! | FB: petsgh


2) Pet Playground


Pet Playground has been in the pet business since 2010. Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, Pet Playground provides the best cage-less pet hotel for pet owners and a range of grooming services for both in-house and walk-ins pets. Therefore, pet owners, feel free to drop your pets off at Pet Playground while you go on holiday as Pet Playground will assure you that your pets are safe and beautifully-groomed when you come back. This pet grooming centre also provides pet merchandises on sale and they deliver them nationwide at a small cost. | FB: ilovepetplayground


3) Yin Mobile Pets Grooming Service


Yin Mobile Pets Grooming Service is handled by a team of certified professional pets groomers that provide dog grooming services to pet owners. In other words, Yin Mobile Pets Grooming Service is a mobile pet grooming service that comes to you. With a range of grooming services such as brushing, nail cutting, ear cleaning and many more, Yin Mobile Pets Grooming Service is on the move to provide the best of grooming facilities to dogs in Kuala Lumpur. Too busy to bring yours dogs to a pet grooming centre? With just a phone call, Yin Mobile Pets Grooming Service will be at your door step ready to groom your dog.

FB: YinMobilePetsGrooming | IG: @yin_mobile_grooming_kl


4) Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding


Located in Kuala Lumpur, Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding features a team of groomers, who are cat breeders and cat enthusiasts with over 17 years of experience in cat-caring and grooming. This private pet grooming centre is all about cats, which is what differentiates it from the other grooming centres in Malaysia. Opens from 08:00 to 23:00 daily, Snow’s Cat Grooming & Boarding provides a range of services for cat owners that comes at affordable rates. For more details, do check out its official Facebook and Instagram page below.

FB: snowsgroomingboarding1 | IG: @snowscatgrooming_boarding


5) Diva Pets


Diva Pets is located at Putra Heights and it deals with both dogs and cats, especially when it comes to their health and beauty. Powered by professionally trained and certified groomers, Diva Pets provides grooming sessions to make your pets not only look better, but feel better as well. This grooming centre also offers the highest quality of accessories available in the market and the healthiest foods for your pets. Take a look at what Diva Pets has to offer more on its official website and Facebook page below. | FB:


6) PetsMore


Petsmore is the kind of pet centre that provides professional advice, product choice and lots more services to pet owners. For pet grooming, Petsmore aims to make your pets look the best they can while being presentable at the same time. Currently located in Klang Valley, Petsmore hopes to expand to more places in order to offer pet owners the convenience of having a grooming centre in their areas. Aside from pet grooming service, Petsmore also sells a range of pets that includes dog, cat, tortoise, hamster, rabbit and others. | FB: petsmore | IG: @petsmore


7) The Pet Family


The Pet Family is dedicated to providing the best of services and care to all pets and pet owners in Malaysia. Opened in 2004, The Pet Family has 4 megastores all over Malaysia featuring a range of services for pets. The services that The Pet Family provides include grooming, obedience training, veterinary consultation and many more. While The Pet Family is known for its certified grooming experts who are capable in providing your pets with the highest-quality of grooming services, they also provide pets pick up service if you are too busy to send your pets over. | FB: ThePetFamily


8) Doggie House


The Doggie House has been a huge favourite among pet owners for its grooming services. It is not surprising why since it is run by a team of professional groomers, who are talented and passionate in making your pets look good. Located at Sri Hartamas, The Doggie House also aims to be your one-stop pet shop that provides not just services but also products for your pets, online and offline.

FB: mydoggiehouse | IG: @mydoggiehouse


9) The DOGmobile


The DOGmobile is Malaysia’s first fully-equipped, self-sustainable, climate controlled, mobile pet grooming vehicle that operates on the move within Klang Valley. Whether it’s bathing or de-shedding, The DOGmobile has all the equipments required in its vehicle to serve your pets in perfect order. The DOGMobile believes in handling pets one-on-one in a soothing, confined, quiet space to ensure zero level of stress for your pets. If you wish, the DOGmobile also provides SPA and medicinal baths for your pets. | FB:


10) Global Pets


Global Pets is a well-known and established name in the pet care business in Johor. With over 9 pet care stores in Johor, Global Pets has been providing grooming services to their long list of clients for years now. Global Pets’ strategy is to offer its customers a complete assortment of pet supplied at affordable prices, with superior levels of pet care services at convenient locations. Global Pets also has a grooming academy to help pet lovers learn the proper ways of grooming and get certified as a groomer. | FB:

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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