10 Ways To Stretch Your Money As a College Student

With the exorbitant cost of living these days on top of shelling out big bucks every semester, college kids will know the brunt of having shallow pockets. Here are 10 ways to stretch your money as a college student – because being broke doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.

1) Carpool.

Commuting to and fro classes will definitely eat into your petrol budget, hence don’t be shy to ask around if any of your friends live within your area, so that carpool can become an option.

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2) Bring your own food.

Pack meals to college, because food from home will always be cheaper. Also, have snacks ready with you because you never know when you’ll need to stay on in college for impromptu group discussions.

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3) Don’t print your notes.

Read your notes online to save on printing costs. For those who require textbooks, always make use of textbook sales from previous students, and perfect your art of bargaining.

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4) Make use of campus facilities.

Most campuses provide free sports facilities that are open to all students, for example a running track or a basketball court. These are great ways to get fit without a gym membership card.

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5) Make use of water dispensers.

Bring water bottles to campus and make use of the water dispenser. Also, you’ll probably order meals at college, but skip the drinks and whip out your water bottle instead.

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6) Stay in one Friday of the month.

Alternatively suggest cheaper or free activities. Most college students go broke by indulging too much but as long as you are resourceful, you can still have just as much fun.

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7) Is Starbucks a need or a want?

Yes yes, caffeine wakes you up in the morning, but do you really need a cup of Starbucks every single day? Start by cutting one drink a week, and you’ll have deeper pockets by end of the month.

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8) Use your student card perks.

That’s what it’s there for so use it whenever you’re eating out, watching movies or shopping. At times, you can score a great discount and certain deals can save you up to half the original price.

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9) Borrow, borrow, borrow.

Not money that we are speaking of. Or else whatever you can borrow, just do it. Always remember to say thank you and you’re sorted. A tear or two is entirely optional.

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10) Lastly, don’t skip classes!

You’re paying for every single class that you take and you will potentially spend more when you skip class for leisure , so don’t skip class unless you’ve got valid reasons and no, oversleeping hardly counts as one.

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