Top 10 Bicycle Shops in Kota Kinabalu

Top 10 Bicycle Shops in Kota Kinabalu
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Riding a bicycle is not only fun but it’s also good as a workout routine, and to help you keep fit. So, whether you are looking for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, or more, check out these Top 10 Bicycle Shops in Kota Kinabalu.

1) Cyclopath Bike Co.

Cyclopath Bike Co.

Looking for a quality bicycle, say a mountain bike or a road bike? Cyclopath Bike Co. got them all covered right here. If you need some recommendations, the friendly staff here is more than happy to assist you with your purchase. Other than bicycles, the shop also sells bike apparel and accessories. Among the brands available include Shimano, Trifox and SRAM, just to name a few.

FB: cyclopath.kotakinabalu | IG: @cyclopathbike_co

2) Cyclelogy Kota Kinabalu

Cyclelogy Kota Kinabalu

Here’s a bicycle shop that has everything you need under one roof. For instance, Cyclelogy has varieties of high-quality road and mountain bikes to choose from. Fans of the MAAP brand? You can find various bike apparel like mitts, jerseys and training bibs at reasonable prices. For convenient shopping, do check out their official online store on Shopee. | FB: cyclelogykotakinabalu | IG: @cyclelogykk

3) Spring Trading

Spring Trading

Located at Jalan Sentosa in Kampung Air, Spring Trading houses all things bicycles. You can find various mountain bikes here and as well as related accessories like framesets, wheelsets, disc brakes, cycling helmets & shoes. Not to mention prices here are affordable too. Do follow their Facebook page as they update their new product arrivals from time to time.

FB: Spring-Trading

4) Cycletech Bikes Bicycle Shop & Online Shopping

Cycletech Bikes Bicycle Shop & Online Shopping

Be it mountain bikes or road bikes, there’s something for everyone here at Cycletech. They carry international bike brands like Argon 18, Merida, Cannondale and Camp. And the good news is that you can easily own one of them via interest-free credit card instalments for up to 24 months. Cycletech also offers a wide range of bike accessories and repair services at reasonable prices.

FB: Cycletech-Bikes-Services-Repair | IG: @cycletechbikes

5) 88 Bikers’ Centre

88 Bikers' Centre

88 Bikers’ Centre houses various types of bicycles, ranging from mountain bikes to road bikes and folding bikes. And what’s more, they also happen to be the authorised dealer for reputable bike brands like Giant, Raleigh and Dahon. They also provide professional bicycle service and repair whether for a bike tune-up or tube replacements, for instance.

FB: 88bikerscenter | IG: @88bikerscenter

6) Mile One Cycle Penampang

Mile One Cycle Penampang

Mile One Cycle covers a wide range of bicycles for your respective needs. This includes everything from BMX to city bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and even tandem bikes. Not sure what to look for? The staff here is helpful and knowledgeable on all things bicycles. Mile One Cycle also sells bicycle parts & components and accessories as well as offering services. | FB: mileonekk | IG: @mileonecycle

7) Aik Huat Cycle Sdn Bhd

Aik Huat Cycle Sdn Bhd

Believe it or not, Aik Huat Cycle Sdn Bhd has been around for several decades. More specifically, since 1963, making it among the oldest bicycle shops in Kota Kinabalu. They sell various reasonably-priced branded bicycles like Cannondale, Tern, Scott and Wilier. The shop also houses varieties of bike accessories & parts such as helmets and framesets and provides repair services as well. | FB: aikhuatcycle

8) Pedal Shop

Pedal Shop

Looking to own a good bicycle minus the hefty price tag? You might want to check out Pedal Shop at Plaza Menggatal. They have all kinds of bicycles right here — mountain bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes and kids’ bikes among others. If that’s not enough, Pedal Shop happens to be the authorised dealer for several brands like Fuji Bikes, Pinarello and Cube.

FB: pedalshop | IG: @pedal_shop_kota_kinabalu

9) Lee Hin Company

Lee Hin Company

Lee Hin Company occupies a corner shoplot, complete with a striking yellow signboard that makes it easier to spot even for new customers. They sell mainly mid-range bicycles catered for different budgets, where you can find various mountain bikes, folding bikes and kids’ bikes. They also provide various bike parts and accessories and you can get your bicycle fixed at this shop as well.

FB: LeeHinCompany

10) StonBike Sdn Bhd

StonBike Sdn Bhd

StonBike has several showrooms available throughout Malaysia such as Batu Pahat, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. They sell different types of bikes for your cycling needs such as city bikes, mountain bikes, foldable bikes and electric bikes. Others like lithium batteries, water bottles and safety brakes are available as well. Alternatively, you can also shop their product(s) conveniently from its official website. | FB: StonbikeEnt

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