Here Are 7 Ways To Benefit From Your Student Card Privileges

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With the last two years being a pandemic, most if not all students didn’t have the chance to enjoy the benefits and privileges that come with having a student card. I became a student during the pandemic and now that we are allowed to go out and about, I looked into where we can benefit from having a student card. Let’s make good use of it before it expires! Here are 7 things you can do if you have a student card:

p.s. This list is not conclusive, and I might have missed out on other places or activities that provide student card privileges. Do let us know in the comments section about other places that offer this so that other students may benefit too!

1. Sing karaoke

Even before the pandemic, going to sing karaoke with your student card was a well-known advantage. The rates are cheaper especially if you go during a certain time of the day. In fact, I just went to sing karaoke with another friend who is a student at the Loudspeaker in Tropicana Gardens Mall the other day! The rate is RM13 per person for a maximum of 3 hours and it’s applicable before 5pm from Monday to Thursday. You’ll also get free flow of drinks and ice cream. Other karaoke places that offer student card rates include Redbox and Neway. Check out the links below for more info:


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2. Watch movies

Yes, we can use our student cards to watch movies at the cinema at a cheaper price! I used to hear stories from friends on how they would go to watch movies during the long break between classes (especially true for Sunway University students because the cinema is just a short walk across the connecting bridge). So far, I can only see TGV offering special rates for students. I believe GSC used to do the same but I don’t see any news of it on their website recently.


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3. Shop for tech products

Now, this is something I just learned about while doing the research for this article – that students have special rates or discounts when shopping for tech products such as laptops, headphones, etc. This is such a great news because students can save on their money through this initiative. Some of the places that offer student discounts or bundle prices are Apple, Dell, HP, and Samsung. These are the ones I found out about through a simple Google search. If you know of other brands that have the same initiative, do let us know in the comments! FYI they are not just applicable to students – teachers and academic staff are eligible for some of them as well.


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4. Fly on Malaysia Airlines & Firefly

Brilliant news for students everywhere now that we can fly again, you can sign up for the MHexplorer, a student travel programme under Malaysia Airlines. Through this programme, you are entitled to quite a lot of benefits and privileges such as 30% off Malaysia Airlines and Firefly flights, additional 10kg baggage allowance on both Malaysia Airlines and Firefly and even flexible payment options! All these sounds like pretty good deals and I’m sad that I didn’t know about this sooner. Make sure you take advantage of this while you are still a student!

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5. Get the rapidKL student concession card

If you are a frequent user of public transportation, the rapidKL student concession card is a must have because you get a 50% discount for every journey on RapidKL Bus, BRT, LRT, Monorail, and MRT services! That is such a steal, and it would go a long way in reducing the money you spend on your transportation. The application for the student concession card can be made online and here are the things you’ll need to apply: passport photo, original MyKad/passport, original student card, original student confirmation letter (dated not more that 3 months) and a study duration of above 6 months from date of application. FYI the card needs to be renewed yearly.

For more information:

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6. Enjoy student prices at F&B outlets

There used to be more F&B outlets that offer student prices but with the way things are economically nowadays, places that used to have such offers don’t do so anymore. Thankfully, I did manage to find a few places that either have student discounts or ongoing promotions for students. One of them is Kenny Rogers – students get 25% off total bill on weekdays from 2pm to 6pm. Another place that is famous among students is Bar.B.Q Plaza and you will be happy to know that they have a 20% off set discount for students that is applicable from 10.30am to 5pm everyday!

Bonus: Not food related but it is useful information for students – you can get a POPULAR student card for only RM10 that is valid for 2 years. With the card, you can enjoy 10% off normal price items and other privileges such as birthday month treat and special promotions.

Kenny Rogers:
Bar.B.Q Plaza:

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7. Have fun with friends

There are so many things you can do with your friends and enjoy cheaper rates with your student cards! For example, did you know that the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra has a student (and teacher) rate for some of their concerts? The recent concert for Symphonic Anime and Vivaldi: The Four Seasons had tickets at only RM15 for students and RM 25 for teachers. The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre also does the same – they have special rates for students, seniors above 60, the disabled, and TAS card members. Other fun activities such as bowling, archery, and board games have student prices as well! Find out more through the links below:

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra:
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac):
Sunway Mega Lanes:
Stars Archery:
Soul Mad Cafe:

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