Art Exhibitions In Kuala Lumpur You Should Be Checking Out This Year

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Looking for something new and fun to do on a weekend with family and friends? Most of us are probably bored with always doing the same stuff. Why not check out one of the many art exhibitions that will be happening this year. In fact, these art exhibitions are unique and interesting. Therefore surely one will catch your interest. It’s time to try out something new!

Art Exhibitions - Islamic Calligraphy
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Firstly, happening now and ongoing until the 31st of May is an exhibition introducing Islamic Calligraphy. An Introduction To Islamic Calligraphy explores the history of calligraphy in the Islamic world.

Fast forward to today and contemporary calligraphers are still exploring new realms of writing and visual expression of Islamic culture. The exhibition with 73 new artefacts is currently showcasing in the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

arte povera italian landscape
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Next, head over to the National Art Gallery this June to check out Arte Povera Italian LandscapeThe Italian phrase Arte Povera literally means ‘poor art’ and takes inspiration from Italian contemporary art. Therefore, this exhibition merges traditional art making with commonplace materials and everyday objects.

Art Exhibitions - East meets West
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Moving on, Inspired By The East: How The Islamic World Influenced Western Art is a collaboration between the British Museum and our very own Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. The exhibition is running from July to November and showcases centuries-old exchanges between the East and West. Here you will find ceramics, photography, and also clothing.

Art Exhibitions - Body Politics
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Lastly, you should check out the collaborative exhibition between ILHAM Gallery and Singapore Art Museum (SAM). The Body Politic and the Body exhibition is also happening now until the 12th of April.

This exhibition explores the many facets of contemporary art and its genealogies in Malaysia. Moreover, it is a dialogue between works from SAM’s collection and also Malaysian artists.