Top 10 Crystal Auction Houses in Singapore

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Crystals can be a costly investment for most people. This is especially true if you are looking for high-quality crystals that promote healing and positive energy for your well-being. Fortunately, you can purchase your favourite crystals at a reasonable price via auction houses specialising in such items. So, the next time you are considering getting a crystal of your own, check out these Top 10 Crystal Auction Houses in Singapore!

1) Living Gems Singapore

Living Gems Singapore offers more than one type of bidding, including Facebook wall auctions and live auctions, with the latter taking place on selected days and nights between 10 am and 8 pm. For the former, crystal collectors can look forward to Living Gems’ bidding on a daily basis. They have a wide range of crystals you can bid for, covering everything from Pink Amethyst to Brazilian Golder Healer and Honey Calcite Sphere. Living Gems is also reputed as Singapore’s first crystal healing platform, where customers can choose to feel or experience the unique healing benefits of crystals. | FB: livinggemssingapore | IG: @livinggemssg

2) Unique Crystal Gems Singapore

Unique Crystal Gems Singapore

Unique Crystal Gems prides itself in offering only the finest quality of crystals and gemstones available in the market. They regularly display their products on their Facebook page for online wall bidding — all of which comes with a detailed description about their respective benefits. For instance, the Thunder Egg crystal can improve concentration and build self-confidence. Others like Tiger’s Eye Mini Pointer promotes creativity as well as harmony and courage.

FB: uniquecrystalgems | IG: @uniquecrystalgems

3) GEM O&C


GEM O&C conducts live auction sessions on a five-day weekly basis, beginning from 4:45 pm onwards. From there, bidders can look forward to various types of crystals available on display, offering different sizes as well as shapes and colours. That includes everything from necklaces to pendants and bracelets. Bidders who used to deal with GEM O&C often praised Alex and TKS’ both entertaining and informative live auction sessions. That means even if you have zero knowledge or little clue about the type of crystals you are about to bid for, rest assured they can fill you in with their knowledge and expertise.

FB: gemster888

4) Qiann Xii Auction

Qiann Xii Auction

Be it the likes of Green Phantom Quartz Crystals or the stunning Amethyst Agate Dragon Crystals, Qiann Xii Auction has them all! Their live auction bidding starts from 7 pm to 1 am on a daily basis, with Qiann Xii Auction regularly bringing in new crystals as well. For more info, you can contact them at +65 8318 0536 or visit their outlet at ISpace on 7 Soon Lee Street.

FB: qiannxii

5) Zazajee Gems Singapore

Zazajee Gems Singapore

With over 350 positive feedback on Carousell, it’s easy to see why Zazajee Gems emerged as a go-to place to purchase affordably-priced crystals and gemstones. Not to mention they only insist on high-quality stones available in the market. You can also regularly check their Facebook page for updates on Zazajee Gems’ live auction sessions, beginning from 8 pm every night.

FB: zazajee88

6) YingFeng Auction

YingFeng Auction

Purple Amethyst Cabbage, animal-shaped crystals from dragons to frogs — you name it, YingFeng Auction covers them all for your bidding needs. Other than crystals, they also sell various Buddha statues and sculptures in different sizes regardless for home or office decor. To find out more about their auction, simply get in touch with them at +65 8319 0838 or email your enquiry to

FB: YingFengAuction

7) WanFoo Auction

WanFoo Auction

Expect quality crystals as well as other gemstones and jewellery on display at WanFoo Auction. You can join the bid via Facebook Live but you need to register beforehand by sending them a private message. You are required to pay a flat $6 delivery fee but it is free of charge if you purchase their item(s) from $60 and above. For more info about WanFoo Auction, you can either call +65 6909 7925 or send them a private message via Facebook.

FB: WanFooLivebroadcast

8) ZhaoLong Auction

ZhaoLong Auction

High-quality crystals, reasonable prices and prompt deliveries — these are some of the testimonials from the satisfied bidders. ZhaoLong Auction conducts its auction session live on their Facebook page, where new customers are required to register first before placing their bids. Further info about them can be reached via a phone call at +65 6612 0751.

FB: 66120751zlo

9) Triumph Crystal World

Triumph Crystal World

Founded in 2017, Triumph Crystal World has come a long way since their humble beginnings as a home-based bidding station. Today, they have since expanded their business to an office along with a showroom and two live stations overseas. They offer all kinds of quality crystals for both casual and avid collectors, covering everything from bracelets to pendulums and necklaces. For the former, you can also have your bracelets customised upon request. | FB: allabovesg

10) Lao Ban Heng Heng SG

Lao Ban Heng Heng SG

From Rutilated quartz earrings to Larimar necklaces and Auralite 23 bracelets, you can find them all at Lao Ban Heng Heng. You can join their daily offline bids on Lao Ban Heng Heng’s Facebook page. And if you are lucky enough, you might score some rare and hard-to-find crystal designs on display. Other than offline bidding, Lao Ban Heng Heng also conducts live bidding sessions from 8:30 pm till 11:30 pm on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

FB: HengHeng5046

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